It Is Easter Morn

Published 8:40 am Friday, March 30, 2018

By Norma Buchanan

Contributing writer 

The winter stretched out cold and long

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But now I hear a robin’s song

It makes me want to sing and shout

To see the beauty all about

We praise our God in Heaven above

For wondrous gifts that show His love

Gone the snow and winter sleds

As buttercups peep out their heads Blades of grass beneath our feet

Say goodbye to icy sleet

To follow winter’s aftermath

Raindrops give the world a bath Naked trees now clothed in green

Greet the spring so fresh and clean

From tiny buds the flowers start

While sun’s warm rays will thaw your heart

Then words of hope allay our fear

“He is risen — He is not here”

The long night over, we stand in light New beginnings are in sight

After the darkness, a new day is born

A world renewed — It is Easter morn.