Correcting statement made at city commission meeting

Published 6:52 am Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dear Editor,

I need to correct a statement I made concerning city expenditures at their open meeting for public comments on the proposed budget.

In preparation to give my suggestions on the budget, I examined four months of city expenditures. I asked several questions on specific items, including a recurring monthly payment to a retirement fund in the name of City Manager Ron Scott. I was given a quick answer that the amount was in addition to his regular salary.

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Because of the significance, I should have taken time to confirm this information before I used it in my public comments. After the meeting, the city finance officer told me that the expenditure is part of Mr Scott’s regular salary, not an addition to it.

This mistake was entirely my fault, and I apologize to Mr. Scott for misrepresenting the compensation he receives for the difficult job he faces in managing the business of our city.

I believe that everyone should pay more attention to the way government uses taxpayer money and should voice objections when necessary. I also believe in adhering to the facts.

When I object to city operations, it is inexcusable for me to use incorrect information in my comments. This time I failed to be accurate. For that I am sorry.

Wilma Brown