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Published 8:42 am Monday, April 2, 2018

It’s time to pay closer attention to all teams


Danville High School

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In case you didn’t know, Danville High School’s football team won state this year. Silly- right? Of course you knew. Everyone knows. It’s so exciting! Our school is full of some incredibly talented athletes. In addition, we have some talented speakers and some knowledgeable students. The forensics team (speech and debate) won state recently. The robotics team won many achievements this year. Sadly, there wasn’t a banquet or any celebration similar to the football players. It’s hard to give credit to groups of people whose activities are not as captivating to society. That is a problem that’s not just prevalent in our school systems but also in media and everyday society-at-large. Academic groups need to have greater recognition for their accomplishments and the valuable lessons they can offer to students.

  Forensics is something that can really help you succeed in life, not just run up a hill. Public speaking tends to be the population’s biggest fear. An article in The Telegraph on Aug. 6, 2016, explains that “the art of debate involves mastering skills of obvious intrinsic value: the confidence to speak in public, and make sense; the construction of a logical argument; the ability to read an audience’s reactions; and, perhaps most importantly, the willingness to hear others’ arguments, and to respond to them.” This is a lesson many people won’t be able to receive in their high school careers, but forensics does allow that lesson to be presented. Obviously, people aren’t always going to be as interested in watching someone speak as they are with watching football or basketball, but having bigger recognition for groups that are able to show and teach these things should be happening. Our school did an announcement about the forensics team, but that is all. Having a sentence say, “Good job,” makes it seem like it’s acceptable to just push off these teams. If we are able to bring light on more of their accomplishments in a brighter way, there will be more awareness and excitement toward these groups.

   The robotics team has often been scoffed at as something for “lame” people. The fact that I hardly hear that much about them at our school allows me to just ignore them. That is a major problem though. Ignoring them and their accomplishments allows ignorance to become a way of our lives as we continue to grow in our lives. The robotics team was a state semifinalist this year and had one of the highest ratings in the state for their “skills challenge score.” Brandon Gray, a senior, explains that he’s learned to “take more precautions to make sure I’m prepared for whatever challenge or competition I’m in.” This preparation is a goal all schools should have. If there is an academic team that is allowing this goal to be pushed further, schools should celebrate them more.

“I think we deserve more funding and recognition because we compete at a near-international-qualifying level with what little resources we have now, and we have qualified for an international-level competition in the past,” Gray says.

This need for recognition is present because it is lacking. We cannot allow this to continue.

  I went to the state football game and was literally jumping out of my seat as we won. I love the appreciation shown to a team that works as hard as our players do; however, having pep rallies and banquets for one sports team and not recognizing other teams for their accomplishments or sending them off with as big of a “go get ‘em” is not the way our schools should be. Forensics and robotics team are not the only teams worth recognizing. They are just a few amidst several academic teams that deserve our appreciation. An announcement on the intercoms may be the start, but it should not be the ending.

The season for prom



It’s coming close to the time of year all high-schoolers talk about, prom. The stress of finding the right dress and date, making sure the tie matches perfectly, and who your group will be. While this article may not help you solve any of those issues, it may solve a few others.

Danville High School is hosting its 2018 prom at The Showroom, on Lebanon Road in Danville. Prom will be 8 p.m.  April 2 and doors will close at 10 p.m. The theme for this year is “Masquerade Ball,” and students will be given masks at the dance to enhance the theme.

Senior Becky Mohr says she’s excited for “her Lady Hooray” as a high-school student — as well as many others. While interviewing, many girls showed their dresses and shared how they were asked. Even though many students are excited for the upcoming dance, there have been some concerns brought up about the idea of prom in general.

Senior Hannah Helmers believes the idea of prom is over-prioritized. The expenses are raised with the pressure to get a good dress, accessories, nails and — for some — a spray tan. Helmers speaks from experience having attended Danville’s prom every year since she was a freshman. 

Helmers says, “This year, a lot of problematic things have happened around the subject of prom which has made me realize although prom is a fun experience to be involved in, a lot of people make it their priority.” 

This outlook on prom can be compared to the look on Valentine’s Day and holidays and events made up to help the economy.

Even with all the stress and anxiety prom can bring, the eventful night is nearing and is expected to be magical. Remember to be safe and have fun.

Students participate in last year’s intercession.

Intersession 2018: What is it?



Intersession is a Danville High School exclusive event which takes place near the end of the school year and allows students some time to unwind and experience classes centered more on student interest than the normal curriculum of education. 

It offers a range of classes and experiences, from building model rockets to going camping, to learning and strategizing on different board games. 

The learning opportunities from these classes are endless with abilities that will definitely last for a lifetime — opportunities such as survival skills when in the wilderness, learning American Sign Language,and even learning the key pieces of entrepreneurship DHS’s very own coffee shop.

Aside from those offerings, other classes in this year’s Intersession include:

Fitness classes — basic fitness, weightlifting, speed 101 and team sports

Learning classes — coffeeshop, breakout, iThink, conspiracy, The World with Sallee, ancestry, CPR, and dissections

Board game classes — Magic: The Gathering, board game analysis and creation, and Hantis

Arts and Crafts classes — Star Wars Origami, pallet art, part of art and laser etching.

Outdoor classes — ecosystem stream measurements, cardboard canoe creation and Admiral Adventure Academy (an exciting camping trip for the whole duration of Intersession)

There are many more student favorites — too many to name.  The writers of The Log wish all students participating in this year’s Intersession a great spring break, and an even greater Intersession.