Grilled pizza springs onto the menu

Published 8:15 am Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Amish Cook

By Gloria Yoder

My favorite season is on its way! Is there any other season so invigorating and exciting as Spring? This Spring I’ve had lots of fun watching the earth awaken as the first Spring peepers were heard, the grass started turning green, and the trees surrounding our house began to bud. I especially enjoy watching the tulips that Daniel gave me a year ago on Mother’s Day, as they poke their lush green heads through the flower bed which I can see from my kitchen window.

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Another Springtime highlight we’re all excited about is the colt that is to be born to our pony, Sassy. We’ll have to wait another month or so. There is something so special about brand new babies, with the best kind, of course, being new brothers or sisters. But then babies in the barnyard always bring excitement around here as the children pour their affection on the latest additions.

These beautiful sunny days sure are perfect for the children to go outside and play! Sunshine and fresh air can do wonders for children who have been in the house all winter, not only that, it sometimes gives mom some quietness to tackle her writing, such as right now. They especially like going out with daddy when he does his chores then gives them swing rides.

I’m eager to plant the garden once it warms up a bit more and the ground dries out to where we can get in with the tiller. This year our garden will be a bit smaller than usual. The little children will take a front line on our priority list. Julia and Austin are always excited to help me work in the garden, especially when it comes to harvesting. I want to plant at least some of their favorites like peas and tomatoes. A year ago I did extra canning with the thought that I may have my hands full this summer, so I am thankful for that. Our Amish neighbors have a produce patch, so we can always get more garden goodies there. And of course Mom is always delighted to share from their bountiful patch, so I’m not worried about not having enough fresh veggies this year.

A year ago I started some flower beds here at our new property with perennials such as hostas and such. I would love to work on establishing several more, but then I have to think of what my aunt told me, “Your flowers run around.” She was referring to the children as my flowers. Yes, that’s right, I do have little “flowers running all over!” The same is true for my houseplants which I have enjoyed so much over the past years. I simply got rid of them, not because I don’t like them, but they simply require more care than I’m willing to give with the little ones to care for.

Daniel has been good for me in this area, reminding me of what really counts in life. Someday I will probably have more time for flowers in pots, but until then we’ll keep enjoying the best flowers ever- sweet little children!

Perhaps my husband’s highlight of warmer weather is firing up the charcoal grill and grilling his favorites such as ribs, burgers, bacon wrapped steak. Last week he tried something that was new for us; he grilled a pizza! Mmmm, now that was a hit for sure. A regular pizza can be prepared and placed in the grill at 350 until nice and hot. Not only do you have the pizza flavor, but also the grilled taste infused right in!

A delicious slice of the Yoder’s grilled pizza!



Cheese of your choice

Sour cream mixed with a dash of ranch dip mix

Grilled turkey breasts, diced

Ham, chunked


Onions, diced

Peppers, diced

Barbecue sauce

Cheese of your choice

Here is our barbecue sauce recipe.


1 /2 cup ketchup

3 tablespoons brown sugar

1 teaspoon Worchestershire sauce

1 /4 teaspoon liquid smoke (opt)

1 /2 teaspoon chili powder

1 /4 garlic salt

1 /2 teaspoon onion salt

1 /2 teaspoon prepared mustard

Combine until blended.


3 /4 cup hot water

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons honey

2 teaspoons salt

2 1 /2 teaspoons yeast

2 cups flour (I use a blend of white and wheat)

For added flavor add a dash of garlic powder, oregano, or other seasonings of your choice. Press into greased pan (18 X11) with sides. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes and then and top with cheese and spread sour cream mixture and bake an additional 10 minutes. Layer remaining ingredients on top. Return to oven until thoroughly heated or place in a grill until done. If you plan to do it in a grill you will want to use a heavy duty pan to prevent the crust from getting burnt, also be sure to not have your grill too hot. Cut and enjoy!