Danville Police Blotter: March 31- April 2

Published 6:04 am Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Editor’s note: Taken from the Danville 911 records, the Police Blotter represents a history of the initial calls and the information used by the dispatcher to send officers to investigate complaints. It is not necessarily an indication of what the officer found upon arrival at the scene, or of how police may have dealt with the complaint.
12 a.m., caller stated a juvenile who had been reported as missing knocked on her door requesting the time; caller believes he is confused and is cold; 12:28 a.m., sheriff’s office confirmed the missing child has been found.
12:22 a.m., a female is yelling and walking on White Oak Road; officer took her to Kentucky Avenue.
3:05 a.m., caller saw a suspicious vehicle parked outside of apartment complex with a male driver; three other males were seen running from and apartment and got inside the vehicle and left; moaning was heard from the apartment; officer checked on occupant’s welfare and said everything is OK.
10:44 a.m., caller is complaining that a white pickup truck parked on Grabruck is causing a traffic hazard; officer said the vehicle is parked on the side of the road and other vehicles can pass.
12:20 p.m., possible injury accident on West Shelby Street in Junction City.
1:31 p.m., one-vehicle injury accident on Stewarts Lane.
2:43 p.m., vehicle stop on East Main Street; arrest made.
3:23 p.m., a pole is on fire on Walter Reed Road; power lost; fire department notified; KU notified; 4:12 p.m., fire department is back out to assist Northpoint Training Center; 6:12 p.m., emergency crew assisting at NTC.
6:32 p.m., vehicle enforcement on bypass and Hustonville Road; arrest made.
7:45 p.m., caller is requesting to speak to an officer in reference to children throwing rocks at his car.
8:32 p.m., vehicle stop on Walton Avenue; arrest made.
9:36 p.m., a vehicle was missing and recovered from Grant Street and it’s missing again.
11:04 p.m., a subject is peeping in windows on High Street.
12:29 a.m., a male without a shirt wearing pajama pants is carrying a bag, pacing back and forth and talking to himself on South Third Street; arrest made.
3:06 a.m., an inmate at NTC has a laceration to the back his head.
6:45 a.m., extra patrol is requested in area around Penn’s Store.
9:55 a.m., officers are to be on the lookout for a subject in a dark blue vehicle armed with a gun and ammo who fled from a domestic altercation in Garrard County; subject claims to be in Nicholasville and stated he will not go back to jail.
10:54 a.m., Kentucky State Police is requesting assistance with a felony traffic stop; gun found.
5:08 p.m., drug paraphernalia has been found at Patrician Place.
5:19 p.m., a male pulled a pistol on the caller on Grubbs Lane.
8:30 p.m., driver os a maroon car on Lebanon Road is going extremely slow and weaving.
9:53 p.m., caller is smelling methamphetamine manufacturing in Junction City.
10:33 p.m., female is requesting EMS for her boyfriend due to a physical domestic altercation.
12:41 a.m., a female is advising of a verbal altercation with the landlord on South Third Street.
2:09 a.m., caller is reporting that neighbors on Burckley Drive moved and abandoned a dog and two cats for two or three days; Housing Authority staff will contact animal control in the morning to get the animals.
8:58 a.m., heavy smoke is coming from a dryer at Cowan Street residence.
9:35 a.m., a verbal altercation is in progress on Skywatch Drive.
9:45 a.m., caller from North Maple Avenue said someone took her purse and cell phone while attempting to choke er about two hours ago; 10:05 a.m., officer looking for the suspect’s vehicle on Baughman Avenue; unable to locate.
11:13 a.m., male from an earlier altercation is outside on Skywatch Drive and is causing a disturbance.
11:27 a.m., caller from Stewarts Lane is reporting a break-in that occurred overnight.
11:30 a.m., caller said a male was just hitting her dog with a stick on Stanford Road; male fled the scene.
12:27 p.m., traffic is backing up on Hustonville Road near Little Caesars and vehicles are parking on the road making it hard for drivers to get out from Lisa Avenue; 12:47 p.m., parking complaint on Hustonville Road.
12:55 p.m., vandalism to a vacant house on North Sixth Street occurred sometime yesterday.
1:05 p.m., caller is requesting police check on the welfare of a male who is supposed to take medication every four hours; girlfriend said she had to leave this morning due to subject being verbally abusive and how he won’t answer the phone; officer advised he is fine and just doesn’t want to talk to the female.
1:44 p.m., caller wants to speak to an officer in reference to his girlfriend’s drug use at his residence on West Main Street.
2:04 p.m., a male is throwing rocks at cars on Skywatch Drive.
2:12 p.m., a male in Walmart may be under the influence and a female is carrying a large purse; arrest made.
4:51 p.m., a male is laying on the sidewalk at Third Street and Lexington Avenue; he may be unresponsive; subject not located.
7:33 p.m., male is requesting assistance for himself and his dog due to being homeless in Junction City.
8:20 p.m., papers served to subject at Timberland Lane address; arrest made.
10:30 p.m., two suspicious subjects have been sitting in a dark vehicle in the parking lot for two hours waiting for the business to close.

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