Rep. Guthrie back in Danville

Published 6:03 am Wednesday, April 4, 2018

U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie (R-Kentucky) met with constituents who filled a large meeting room at the Boyle County Library Tuesday afternoon. Standing before a crowd of nearly 70 people with solemn expressions and arms crossed, Guthrie answered their questions concerning Social Security and teacher pension reforms. When Guthrie stated he hoped Congress would tackle the issue relating to retired teachers being allowed to collect survivor Social Security benefits, heads nodded yes and soft clapping was heard.

Guthrie also fielded questions concerning his stance on funding the military, Medicaid, entitlement issues, environmental issues and global warming.

At one point, a member of the group spoke about his college students’ opinions on how they see a failure of governmental leadership not only at the state level, but nationally as well.

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The audience member said he thinks higher quality politicians are needed to lead and he felt Guthrie was the best politician in Kentucky. He then asked Guthrie if he would consider running for governor in 2019.

Following a polite round of applause, Guthrie answered he considered running once, but he wants to continue serving in Washington, D.C.