Boyle, Danville schools closed on Friday

Published 8:57 pm Thursday, April 12, 2018

Today, Boyle County and Danville Independent schools join the list of schools calling off service due to a large number of teachers and administrators heading to Frankfort to protest. 

The announcements were made Thursday. 

According to Jennifer Broadwater, communications director with Boyle County Schools, the “decision to close was based on the need to advocate for our kids.”

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Broadwater declined to say how many teachers had requested substitutes for the day, just saying that they had had many do so.

The Danville Independent Schools issued a statement on their Facebook page stating they are not able to cover the number of absences scheduled for Friday.

“Even with plans supported by our teachers to send a delegation to Frankfort on Friday, we are not able to cover the total number of absences scheduled,” the statement said.

Kelly Bedtelyon with Danville schools said they were unable to easily gather the percentage within the Danville system because they don’t use an automated system, but it was more than they were able to make up for in substitutes.

In an official letter sent from Boyle County Superintendent Mike LaFavers, he said he fully supports the efforts being made by educators across the state to stand united and that school will be closed on Friday to allow teachers the chance to “travel to Frankfort and advocate for our students and public education.”

“HB 200, HB 366 and HB 362, jointly approved by the House and Senate, are critical bills that allocate state resources and set revenue structures to fund them. Last week, Governor Bevin vetoed these bills and asked legislators to reconsider the deep cuts to education he outlined in his initial budget proposal. In the governor’s proposed budget, funding for Boyle County students would be cut by $1.7 million during the 2018-2019 school year. I urge our state legislators to override the Governor’s vetoes,” the letter reads. 

He apologized for the inconvenience it might cause parents to close. LaFavers said the district would decide the end-of-the-year dates at the special-called board meeting Thursday night.

Bedtelyon said based on the initial budget from Bevin, for the Danville Independent Schools the budget number will be over $769,000. But that would likely change. The decision will be made at an upcoming board meeting to see if the school can maintain the May 25 graduation date.

As of press time, the Burgin Independent Schools, Garrard County Schools, Lincoln County Schools and Mercer County Schools had also cancelled for Friday.