Everyone who can should register to vote

Published 6:26 am Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dear Editor,
Minorities fought for it, Suffragettes fought for it, young people forced to go to war fought for it. Now we all have it — the right to vote.
Any citizen who will be 18 by Nov. 6, 2018, (all but recent 17 year-olds) may register for their first vote now.
There will be many sites for registration up to the April 23 deadline for the primary election May 22, and one may also register online at vrsws.sos.ky.gov/ovrweb.
As someone who has helped sign up voters, I know one reason given for not registering is hoping to avoid jury duty. But voter rolls aren’t the only source for summoning jurors. Income tax and driver’s license records are also used.
So, please register, as a rite of adulthood, a tribute to those who fought for the privilege and a civil responsibility.
Vera Burris

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