The Danville Military Company of the early 1900s 

Published 4:16 pm Monday, April 23, 2018

Editor’s note: Information for this article was taken from The Advocate-Messenger Archives and The Congressional Record.

The Danville Military Company was mustered in at the Boyle County Courthouse in the early 1900s by Lieutenant Colonel Jouett Henry.

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E.W. Lillard, who had experience in the State Guard service, and took the initiative in forming the company, was elected captain. Ansel Ware, formerly of the regular Army, was elected first lieutenant, and Thomas B.Burke, second lieutenant.

“The company, formed like the Home Guard, started off with a lot of good material and will no doubt reach a point of efficiency which will make it an ornament to the service.”

The group was to meet later in the week and conduct routine business of the company. Other recruits were expected to be enrolled.

Those enrolled besides the officers are:

Eugene D. Reid, Same Crain, William Mullen, George Summit, W.S. Coovert, F.W. Terhune, H.G.Burnside, B.A.Muster, Lucien Moore, Louis Duncan, Luther Ware, Waller Phillips, J.E. Carrigan,

Smith Caylor, C.W. Bruner, J.H. Brumfield, E.W. Williams, H.T. Smith, John Mullen, G.T. Batton, E. W. Pullum, J.A. Phillips, CharlesSwan, Thurmond Simmons,, James H. Sandifer,

David Indorf, Eugene Culton, R.L. Reed, Paul Murphy, J.T. Grinstead, M. Breckinridge, Wiley Craft, W.B.Pittman, M.H. Hundy, Ben Pollard, Tom Carter, W.M.Phillips, Andrew W. Bright, E.K. Slavin, Robert G.

Farris, John Connelly, W.B. Wingate, L.A. Williams, George Huffman, John Forgarty, Lewis Linney Oscar Lyne, Harry G. Moore, John R. Pritchett, Abe Devine, Micah Chrisman, AllenYeager, W.H. Woolley, and W.V. Richardson.

“During an inspection in 1902 of the local military company, Captain W.L. Longmire of Lexington spoke in high terms of the efficient condition of the organization and complimented Captain Burke for his splendid manner of drilling.”


In July 1901, the local military company planned to leave for Grayson Springs in August so members could take part in the annual State Encampment.

The event will last for 10 days, and the company will be in the charge of Lieutenant Ansel Ware.

A competitive drill is planned and “the Danville boys stand a good chance to win.”

Members were requested to assemble regularly for drill each Monday until the event.

The military company was disappointed at not getting to go to Jackson in May 1903 with the other troops that have been ordered there by Governor John Beckham during a special term of circuit court.

Company G has been mustered in three years and has not seen any regular service during that time.

The companies that will leave for Jackson are Company A of Frankfort, Company C of Lexington, Company K of Shelbyville and a portion of the Louisville batteries.

The battalion will be under command of Colonel Roger Williams.

Lillard is senator; changes party

Captain E.W. Lillard, a founding member of the Military Company, won in the state senator‘s race in the Boyle, Casey, Garrard and Lincoln counties in 1900.

His Republican opponent was Harry Giovannoli, news editor of the Kentucky Advocate for many years.

The Advocate stated Lillard was expected to have a good chance of being elected and he won the race.

He also gained nationwide notoriety when he deserted the ranks of the Democrats and supported his old friend Senator W.O. Bradley, Republican, of Lancaster, in his race for U.S. Senate.

Lillard was Bradley’s private secretary. After Bradley died, Lillard returned home to where most of his friends deserted him. Lillard later committed suicide at his residence.

Lillard is a well-known druggist and was chairman of the Boyle County Democratic campaign Committee in the years prior to running as state senator.