Property Transfers, April 25

Published 6:06 am Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Timothy H. Shockley, Sarah Shockley, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Chad Cole, property in Paula Heights Subdivision, $58,321.

Terry and Stephen Dismuke to Mike Curtis, 0.681 of an acre in Boyle County, $15,000.

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Katherine L. Bright and Daniel J. Moran and Patricia B. Bright to Marla R. Muncy and Oscar W. Beck, 5.50 acres in Boyle County, $55,000.

Carolyn Croshaw to Dawn and David W. Hastings, Sr., 30.1 acres in Boyle County, $100,000.

Christa D. and Will D. Hogue to Dean T. Jude, lot in Shelby Green Subdivision, $170,000.

Katie M. Fitzpatrick to Christopher S. and Christy L. Fralix, property on Beech Street, $52,300.

Margaret S. Clark to Kenneth and Margaret S. Clark, property on Faulkner Lane; cash value, $190,000.

Vickie and Harlan T. Barnett, Jr. to Wilma J. Barnett, lot in Clearview Subdivision, $1; fair cash value, $100,000.

David E. Potts, executor of the estate of Deloris M. Potts to Jacqueline G. Fowler, three lots in Beverly Hills Subdivision, $92,000.

Adam T. Farmer and Kayvonne Engle, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Kayvonne Engle, lots in Rolling Hills Subdivision, settlement.

Estate of Irene Pennington, by and through Dallas E. Pennington, executor to David G. and Amy N. Adams, 13.496 acres in Boyle County, $12,000.

Danville Warehousing Inc. to Phoenix Danville LLC, property on South Danville Bypass, $1,200,000.

Judy L. Jaggers to Mark and Lorrie Collier, property on Meadow Lane, $184,000.

Alan Fessenbecker, as trustee of the Fessenbacker Living Trust and Toni Fessenbacker, as trustee of the Fessenbacker Living Trust to Robert E. and Mary A. Reeves, property in Premier Villages Phase 2, the Villas, $220,000.

Mary Jo Joseph to R. Wigham and Jodi H. Arnold, property on North Third Street, $223,000.

Jacob J. Pike to Petrus J. Hanekom, property on Grant Street, $118,000.

Jerry Houck, Jr. to Mimi White, parcel on Jackson Avenue-Cemetery Street, $190,000.

Fifth Third Mortgage Company, Pamela A. Stith, by J. Thomas Hensley to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, property in Boyle County, $62,000.

Katherine R. and Jeffrey A. Woods and Susan R. and William E. Scherer to Mary Jo H. Joseph, lot in Green Acres Subdivision, $170,000.

Abdul S. and Dorothy E. Elayan to Caleb L. Bottoms, special trustee to Abdel S. and Dorothy E. Elayan, lot in Bright’s Bend Subdivision, gift; fair market value, $260,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Carol B. Meece to McKinney Brown Funeral Home, LLC, four lots in Casey County, $27,500.

Wanda M. and Johnnie A. McAninch to Ronnie D. Snow, tract on Hwy. 501, $80,000.

Roger L. Austin and Linda E. Austin to Thomas W. Bell, 14 acres in Casey County, $25,000.

Estate of Judy G. Clark, by and through Rhonda K. Mann, executrix of the last will and testament of Judy G. Clark to Joseph A. and Amanda E. Marples, parcel on Owens Branch Road, $42,500.

Billy G. and Teresa J. Denson to Dana R. and Michelle L. Haycox, property on Canoe Creek Road, $55,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Matthew L. and Lojuanna R. Vanhook to Donald L. and Catherine F. Tuttle, 54.350 acres in Garrard County, $155,000.

Commonwealth Investment Properties, LTD to Alex G. and Rachel Erin Wright, lot in Ridgecrest Estates, $160,000.

Laura S. and Shane E. McMahon to John W. and Carolyn Boone, lot on Hunter Drive, $615,000.

Lynn D. and Mary R. Tackett to Paul F. and Anne C. Diamond, lot in Mt. Hebron Subdivision, $148,000.

Patrick and Molly Miller to Doyle E. and Carra L. Depriest, property on Tuggle Road, $213,000.

James Carroll to Timothy Scott, two parcels in Daughter’s Park, $6,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Barry L. Smith to Kevin H. Jones, 0.568 acre on Norris Road, $4,000.

Boyce and Bernice Smith to Tammy Lamb, 0.318 acre in Crab Orchard, $3,000.

U.S. Bank Trust, Shirley A. Walls, Cach LLC of Colorado, by and through Edward G. May, master commissioner, to U.S. Bank Trust, 0.309 acre on Knob Lick Road, $53,473.

Donald L. and Barbara F. Cooper to D. Dewayne and Tracy L. Cooper, two tracts of land on KY Hwy 518 (formerly Hustonville-Middleburg Turnpike), containing approximately 110.094 acres, gift.

Michael Mercer to Kimberly Adams, two lots in Hamilton Homes Subdivision, situated off Sharon Lane, Waynesburg, $68,000.

Barbra Cothron to John W. Jr. and Emily Reece, 11.483 acres on KY Hwy 39, $40,000.

Betty Marie Blevins to Samuel Stuart Blevins, two lots in Oakwood Estates Subdivision, property settlement.

Teresa Diana and George T. Messer and Donna Kay and Ronnie Wayne Estep to Donna Kay and Ronnie Wayne Estep, 113.80 acres off Fall Lick Pike and 0.63 acre off KY Hwy 39, division of property; fair cash value, $296,000.

Teresa Diana and George T. Messer and Donna Kay and Ronnie Wayne Estep to Teresa Diana and George T. Messer, three tracts of land on KY Hwy 39, division of property; fair cash value, $312,000.

Anna Marie Walker to Nicholas Wayne Boller, lot  in Oakwood Estates Subdivision, property settlement; fair cash value, $135,000.

Leo F. and Janet Greer to Randy Caudill, property in Lincoln County, $18,000.

Newman L. and Virginia Brown to Ralph M. and Diana S. King, 2.696 acres off McMullin Road, $3,240.

Kendall and Donna S. Johnson to Jason and Amy Culverhouse, two tracts of land on Reese Road and Elkins-Rogers Road, containing approximately 42.6275 acres, $365,000.

William and Connie Elam to Tina Lynn Smith, lot 11A of the Berry Lane Development, Phase 2, gift; fair cash value, $60,300.

Morris D. and Dorothy M. Saylor to David Ray and Mattie Sue Detweiler, two tracts of land bounded by OK Schuler Road and KY Hwy 1948, $95,000.

Bobbie Jean Combs to Rodney Lee Combs, two parcels of property in Lincoln County, including tract on Ellison Ridge Road, gift; fair cash value, $50,000.

Richard Alford to Gary M. and Joanna A. Wiles, five tracts of land in Lincoln County on the waters of Green River, $5,966.83; fair cash value, $100,000.

Orvil Nelson & Company to Kenneth L. and Carolyn Grubbs, two lots in Elliott Estates Subdivision, $20,000.

Grace H. Harness to James K. and Lydia A. DeBord, 10 acres on Preachersville Road, $30,000.

Uneida Johnson to Jason Griffitts II, two tracts of land on Upland Drive,  and a portion of lot in Highland Subdivision, $119,000.

U.S. Bank Trust, Stephen P. Sebastian and spouse of Stephen P. Sebastian, by and through Edward G. May, master commissioner of the Lincoln Circuit Court, to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, 0.838 acre on KY Hwy 698, $15,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Margaret S. Clark to Kenneth and Margaret S. Clark, property on Faulkner Lane; cash value, $190,000.

Bobby E. and Coleen G. Thompson and B & C Thompson Properties, LLC to Han Harrodsburg, LLC, two tracts in Mercer County, $1,200,000.

Paul T. and Linda J. Barnes to Donnie Howard, Jr. and Jeffrey W. Shelton, property in Mercer County, $10,000.

Richard S. Reed and Allen W. Sands Revocable Trust to Christopher McPherson and David McPherson, property on Mooreland Ave., $125,000.

Jeffrey A. and Tonya K. Duddek to Country Construction, 4.2 acres on Dugansville Road, $75,000.

Roger H. and Diana J. Smith to Michael R. and Ellen L. Banks, two lots in Sunrise Shores Subdivision, $190,000.

Penny Patterson to Robin D. and Jacqueline S. Merriman, lot in Rolling Hills Subdivision, $250,000.

Michael and Kimberly S. Collins to Caleb L. Bottoms, as special trustee to Michael and Kimberly S. Collins, 5.063 acres on Grapevine Road, gift; fair market value, $175,000.

Dillard Abney to Helen D. Dykes, lot in Collier’s Point Subdivision, $185,000.

Alan L. and Gwendolyn D. Wilson  to Justin S. Cocanougher, 10.065 acres in Mercer County, $70,000.

Phillip L. Vandyke II to Norman A. Blomberg Lifetime Advocacy Trust, for the benefit of John N. Blomberg, property on Magnolia Ave., $32,000.