Boyle chosen at random for 911 audit by state

Published 9:45 pm Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Boyle County’s and Danville’s 911 spending for the past four fiscal years is under the microscope of state auditors, but it’s not because the county or city did anything wrong; it was random chance.

“Boyle was just picked at random as one of several 911 boards … as part of our audit of the Kentucky 911 Services Board,” said Michael Goins, communications director for state Auditor Mike Harmon’s office.

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Boyle County treasurer Mary Conley confirmed Tuesday that Harmon’s office audited the county’s 911 funds for fiscal years ‘13-’14, ‘14-’15, ‘15-’16 and ‘16-’17. Conley said auditors also requested information about the current fiscal year, ‘17-’18, but didn’t wind up looking at that data.

Conley said Boyle County had all the documentation and “back-up documentation” it needed to answer very specific and detailed inquiries from auditors about how 911 funds had been expended.

“They’re very pleased with the way we handled those funds,” she said.

Auditors first contacted her about a month ago and have already completed their work with Boyle County’s financial records, she said.

Auditors also looked at spending of 911 funds by the City of Danville during the same timeframe, because Danville received $90,000 annually from Boyle County to help cover salaries at the 911 call center, Danville Chief Financial Officer Michele Gosser said. Danville was also able to provide auditors with everything they needed.

“As far as I know, they’re done with me, too,” Gosser said.

Goins said the state auditor’s office is conducting an audit of the Kentucky 911 Services Board — previously called the Commercial Mobile Radio Services Board or CMRS Board — at the request of the board.

The 911 board oversees collection and distribution of 911 fees placed on cell phones in Kentucky. Goins said the recently reorganized 911 board “asked us to come in and conduct an audit.”

“As part of our auditing process, we do sampling,” he said. “We picked several county 911 boards at random. Boyle just happened to be one of those.”

Goins said the audit is expected to be complete this summer.