Property Transfers, May 02

Published 6:32 am Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Charles West to Angela Muse, 4.131 acres in Boyle County, gift; $300,000.

Kenneth and Judith Dickey to Aaron T. McCowan, property on April Drive in Junction City, $104,500.

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Jeffrey F. and Judy Sparks to Nancy J. and Corbin Musso, 19.459 acres on Crawford Hollow Road, $270,000.

Robert M. Curtis to Wesley V. Carter and Ariel E. Darnell, tract in Boyle County, $72,000.

Zachary D. and Anna H. Lee to Jacob and Twila Arnold, 5.44 acres in Boyle County, $266,000.

Thomas C. Byerly d/b/a Byerly Design and Construction and Lois H. Byerly to Yount Properties Inc., tract in Fackler Development, $250,000.

Miranda L. Smith to Patrick and Molly Miller, lot of the Hunt Farm, $199,000.

Francis R. and Eugene G. Oliver, Jr. to Shelby Eugene T. and Angela L. Jordan, 3.12 acres in Boyle County, $185,000.

Joyce F. Lovett to John Baron, two lots in Lake Dale Subdivision, $5,000.

Jamie L. and Donna Baker, by and through Jamie Baker, attorney-in-fact to Kendra Brown, lot in Hendren Heights Subdivision, $126,000.

Terry E. Wehmiller to Joshua Stinnett, lot on Parksville Crosspike, $15,000.

Estate of Betty J. Canada, by Robert M. Canada, executor to Calvin and Courtney Hamilton, three lots in Paula Heights Subdivision, $65,000.

George T. Sheene to Brandon Sheene, lot in Highland Court Subdivision, $26,000.

George T. Sheene to Brandon Sheene, lot in Highland Court Subdivision, $12,500.

George T. Sheene to Micki W. McDaniel, as trustee to George T. Sheen and Brandon Sheene, property in Baughman Heights Subdivision, gift; fair market value, $67,000.

James C. and Mary Lester to Timothy G. and Johnna R. Lanter, property on Spears Lane, $271,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Amanda Templeton, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, lot in Indian Hills Subdivision, $70,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Anthony C. and Shawnrey M. Brown to Travis R. Hatter, parcel on KY 198, $3,500.

Ernie L. Byrd and Karen A. Byrd to Derik L. and Tara N. Byrd, two tracts in Casey County, $35,000.

Emma F. Martin, by and through her power of attorney, Mike Helm, James L. Martin, George G. Martin and Denise Martin, by and through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner, to George G. and Deborah D. Martin, two parcels in Casey County, $68,500.

Josephine and Arlon Perkins, Maxine and James P. Wesley and Jerry L. Parton to Arlon and Josephine Perkins, 10.54 acres in Casey County, $15,000.

Nicholas W. and Lindsey M. Woodrum to Cierra N. Woodrum, property on Linnie Rheber Road, gift; fair cash value, $5,500.

Thomas A. and Fannie R. Beachy to Abraham and Julia Miller, land lying on east right of way of Hicks Road, $2,250.

Thomas and Fannie Beachy to Thomas Beachy, John Miller and Joseph Beachy, as trustees of the Casey Amish Church, tract lying on east right of way of Hicks Road, gift; fair cash value, $1,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, by and through Federal Housing Commissioner to Staci N. Wiser and Brian C. Hafley, property on Elk Cave Branch, $60,000.

Brandon Mason and Rhonda and Joseph Giacona to Jerry R. Rodgers, property on Margaret Drive, $5,000.

Dennis Gallagher to Gregory A. and Sarah W. Branam, 41.65 acres in Casey County, $38,000.

Charles T. Lay, Jyll A. Lay and MaKayla Harris to Tommy and Felicia Gross, parcel in Casey County, $21,500.

Linda C. Allen to Paul R. Williams, co-trustee of the Williams Living Trust, two parcels on Caney Fork Creek, $95,000.

Charles J. and Anna R. Hooper to Leroy S. Zimmerman, tract on the northeast of intersection of Brock Road and Trout Stream Road, $80,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Charles B. and Shelia Alcorn to Cosmo Dibono, two lots on Hillcrest Ave., $55,000.

Wendy L. and Jamie Van Acker, Sr. and Travis S. Van Acker to James and Donnette McQueen, three parcels in Garrard County, $200,000.

Morris and Roberta S. Trayner to Christopher and Tina Ward, 60.7 acres in Garrard County, $90,000.

Bernita Perkins and Dennis Garrett to Peggy M. Bowman, tract in the Clint Day Subdivision, $94,000.

Betty W. Mattingly to Allan W. and Joann Prewitt, lot in the Teater Brothers Subdivision, $145,000.

Tammy and Gordon Lakes and Shane and Megan Lakes to 4 Great Lakes, LLC, tract on Calico Road, $50,000.

Anthony D. and Chassity Dodson to Debora Preston, lot in Rolling Hills Subdivision, $76,000.

Denny A. and Connie I. Pace to Tyler B. Noble, two parcels in Broadmar Subdivision, $115,000.

Bobby O. and Mary A. Preston to Andrew P. and Jessica Jackson, by Andrew P. Jackson, her attorney-in-fact, 7.974 acres on Bethel Road, $300,000.

Mary Ray Benton to Roberto Bernabe Espejo and Irene Malpica Silverio, lot in Sunrise Estates Subdivision, $6,500.

Larry W. Carrier to Mary E. Ray, lot in Sunrise Estates Subdivision, $7,000.

Floriberto and Krystal Ramirez to Everett Sea, 2.449 acres on Poor Ridge Pike, gift; fair cash value, $50,000.

Ted D. Randall to Larry and Melissa Nicely, property on Hwy. 954, $57,000.

Woodie G. Leavell to Jeff and Dreama Durham, lots in Highview Estates, $29,000.

Steve Perry and Jennifer Perry to Steven A. and Denise E. Calvert, two tracts in Garrard County, $150,000.

Joshua and Bobbie M. Blackmer to Judy Mitchell, 1.028 acres on Hwy. 39, $20,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

James and Ethel Hunn, Dorothy Napier and Carol Smith to Donald Hunn Jr. and Christopher Hunn, two acres on KY Hwy 78, gift; fair cash value, $13,000.

U.S. Bank Trust to William G. and Misty D. Snow, lot in Hanging Fork Subdivision, $120,000.

David and Kelly Grigson to Harold and Robin Harris, 3.347 acres in Oakwood Estates Subdivision, $230,000.

Wallace Shelton to Dennis L. and Bonnie Denny, approximately 24.055 acres on KY Hwy 1948, $55,000.

Dallas A. and Lillian Jacobs to Charles and Judy Jacobs, 12.50 acres off KY Hwy 1781, gift; fair cash value, $32,000.

Charles O. and Geraline Cress to Andrew R. and April L. Harris, one acre on Ellison Eubank Road, gift; fair cash value, $3,500.

Michael S. and Kimberly A. Barker to Nicholas S. Barker, lot in Country Meadows Subdivision, gift; fair market value, $32,325.

B & K Investments, LLC, to Dustin Taulbee, two lots in Murphy Addition to Stanford, $55,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

C. Bart Milbourn to MKS Group, Inc., lot in Sunrise Shores Subdivision, $1.00.

Darell G. and Karen S. Rickmers to Richard D. and Sharon A. French, lot in Poplar Heights Subdivision, $120,000.

Rowe Homes, Inc. to Jennifer S. Nichols, lot in Scenic Hill II, $179,000.

Eric Duffek to Jeremy and Kate Collins, property on Palomino Drive, $167,500.

Donnetta and Thomas W. Wheeler and Vivian A. Yeast to Teri L. Aldridge, two tracts in Mercer County, $52,000.

Hettie R. Harless and Jere D. Odell, co-executors of estate of Elmer Odell and Hettie R. Harless and Jere D. Odell, co-executors of the state of Delores Odell to Kathleen Beine and Richard L. Zimmerman, two tracts on west side of Hwy. 127 Bypass, $750.

Alexander D. and Sherri L. Wasserzug to Danielle T. and Patrick S. Clore II, lot in Chimney Rock Resort, $117,500.

Charles T. Adams to Elizabeth Adams, property on Beaumont Ave., $130,000.

John W. Elliott, individually and as executor under the last will and testament of Joyce E. Elliott, Ann and Gary Hatter, Darrell Ellis and Jimmy and Tammy Ellis to Perry and Kristie Dressler, tract of Ellis-Elliott Property, $60,310.

Turn Key Properties of Harrodsburg, LLC to Christopher Gribbins and Melissa Long, property on Hillcrest Street, $52,000.

Ryan and Nikki Lake to Jeanetta B. Devine, lot in the Spring Lake At Fountaine View Subdivision, $325,000.

Joshua M. and Ruth Troyer to John Y. and Sarah B. Miller, lot in Cotton Wood Subdivision, $110,000.

Ronald Garland to Jeff Garland, 42.098 acres in Mercer County, gift; fair market value, $85,000.

Mary K. Mayo to Coy L. and Ivadean Arthur, two parcels in the Darren A. Douglass Reed Division, $40,000.

Austin Jackson to Latasha R. Calton and Corey A. Allen, property on Chestnut Street, $102,000.

Art and Brenda Baker, Lois and Maurice Baker, Jr., Charles F. and Anna Baker and William R. Baker to Timothy M. Thompson, property on Moreland Ave., $125,958.

Thomas M. Aldridge, by and through Andrea J. Aldridge, his lawful power of attorney and Teri L. Aldridge to Ryan and Robin Montgomery, property on Warwick Road, $95,100.

L & B Builders, LLC to John and Kathy Smith, 1.225 acres in Mercer County, $5,000.

Joshua and Maureen Broce to Wesley T. Pannett, by and through his lawful power of attorney Shirley J. Clark, property on Stratton Road, $233,500.