Protest perspective

Published 6:21 am Friday, May 4, 2018

Centre College sophomore Edward Boomershine is one of the students participating the sit-in protest at Old Centre, and he’s been using his Canon SLR camera to document some of the moments.


“I’ve just been trying to give a sympathetic lens to the sit-in and the amazing people involved,” Boomershine, a double major in anthropology and sociology and classics, said via email. “I want folks to visually comprehend what a unifying, supportive and productive environment the sit-in has provided. People need to see the faces of those who demand that their voices be heard.”

Boomershine said feelings of “uncertainty” on Wednesday gave way to “confidence and goodwill towards all involved” on Thursday. “Progress is being made, slowly but surely, and everyone is in high spirits.”

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Photos by Edward Boomershine