Douglas won’t have ‘cowboy mentality’

Published 3:39 pm Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Dear Editor,

In just a couple weeks, we will be voting for the future of our Boyle County Detention Center. With that decision, we will be making a big choice about the fiscal success of Boyle County as a whole, since so much of the budget rides on fixing the multitude of issues at our local jail.

The best, most qualified candidate for that job is the one with the most experience, the appropriate education for the job, and the calm, steady manner to handle unexpected issues without “knee-jerk” outbursts as a response. That individual is Rita Douglas. I must admit that I had never considered a woman for that particular position and I needed a bit of convincing.

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I have listened to her discuss the issues at the jail and her grasp of all sides of the challenges our county jail faces is impressive. I have talked with her at length and her knowledge of the nuances of keeping the county safe from criminals, while maintaining the ability to see the innate value of incarcerated individuals and their potential for learning and changing their approach in life to once again become contributing members of our community, is gratifying.

When handling all the responsibilities and the host of individual personalities in a supervisory capacity in the field of corrections — calm, cool and collected is the game-changer. She’s the only candidate this county has with the experience, the temperament, and the education to get the job done and to do it well — better than it’s been done in a very long time.

Rita Douglas has my full support for Boyle County jailer and will get my vote on May 22 in the primary. If you want to see a change — not the same “good ‘ol boy” or “cowboy” mentality, but a steadfast, strong, professional who will find the most efficient way to run our local jail, I hope you will join me and vote for Rita Douglas for jailer.

Angela Allen