Wofford has experience necessary to be jailer

Published 6:19 am Thursday, May 10, 2018

Dear Editor,

I, like many others have been reading the interviews your paper conducted with the candidates for Boyle County Jailer. It seems all are very nice folks with the welfare of our community at heart.

A couple “think they can do the job.” That is admirable, however thinking you can do something doesn’t mean you can do it. One wants to take less percentage of the canteen money from inmates. This is a nice gesture, however, that means take it from the taxpayers and give it to the inmates. Last but not least is a candidate with quite an education and a member of a corrections organization.

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Now, with all that said, who has jail management and hands-on experience?

What candidate has spent years working with state and federal government rules, laws and regulations regarding county jails?

What candidate has worked hand-in-hand with local drug rehabilitation organizations to combat the opioid epidemic in our community?

What candidate has spent his life dedicated to the welfare of our country and community?

When you examine all the candidates credentials and accomplishments, only one is a clear choice. Brian Wofford is the only person with the unique qualifications to lead our jail for the foreseeable future.

This is not a job for the inexperienced, or someone looking after retirement for a second career, this is a 24/7 position for a highly qualified, hardworking, dedicated public servant.

I encourage you to vote for Brian Wofford for Boyle County Jailer.

Fred Edwards