Garrard food inspections announced 

Published 6:47 am Friday, May 11, 2018

The Garrard County Health Department makes routine inspections on food service establishments. They are inspected for food storage and handling, food temperatures, utensil washing, rest rooms, and general sanitation. They are graded on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being a perfect score.

Violations of the 2005 FDA food service code carry values of 1,2,3,4,or 5 points depending on the seriousness of the violation. Items that are worth 3,4, or 5 points are considered “critical items” and require immediate correction, if possible. If immediate correction is not possible critical items must be corrected within 10 days of the inspection. Establishments with a score of 85-100 with no critical violations are in compliance with the Kentucky Food Service Code. Establishments with a score of 70-84, with no critical violations, must be re-inspected within 30 days and may face suspension if deficiencies are not corrected in that time. Establishments with a score of 60-69 are issued a notice of intent to suspend their permit. Establishments with a score of 59 or less are closed immediately.

Regular Inspections

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Locals Market, 310 Crab Orchard Street, 95 * (Deli meats not marked with a “consume by” date as required)

Dollar General Store, 541 Pine Crest Road, 93

Lancaster Beer & Food Mart, 870 Stanford Street, 96

Family Dollar Store, 225 Lexington Street, 89 (*Canned food with severe dents on shelves)

Garrard Co Food Pantry, 209 Richmond Street, 100

Cliffview Retreat & Conference Center, 789 Bryants Camp Road, 99

Pete’s Diner, 1862 Pine Crest Road, 100

Last Stop Pizza, 67 Old Tanyard Branch, 98

Mt Everest Nepal LLC 1, 201 Lexington Street, 75, 89 (*chicken salad not marked with a “consume by” date as required, Cooked food in warmer unit not held at 135°F as required, Open drink containers in food prep area)

Mini Market, 103 Baker Ave, 91, 94 (*Deli meats not marked with a “consume by” date as required)

The Learning Tree for Children, Lexington Street, 100

Snowie Ice, 108 Cottage Ave, 99

Burger House, 2152 Stanford Road, 97

VIP Express Mart, 226 Lexington Street, 97, 98

Lee’s Famous Recipe, 830 Stanford Road, 92 (*Rodent droppings observed in kitchen and storage areas)

Leo’ s, 233 Lexington Street, 93 (*Open drink container in pizza dough prep room)

Miller’s Grocery, 10 Bethel Road, 99

Fivestar Food Mart, 303 Stanford Street, 91 , 86 (*Sewer clean out cap missing in parking lot)

Lil Rascals Day care, 141 Bryantsville Road, 100

Jay Madi EZ Mart, 33 Mt. Hebron Road, 98, 95

Learn & Play Daycare, 159 Pine Crest Road, 100

Countryside BP Food Mart, 7281 Lexington Road, 99, 100

Smith’ s, 55 Public Square, 90

Whole Latte Love, 5 Public Square, 96

Grate Day’s Grille, 75 Public Square, 99

Anderson Bros Grocery, 4313 Cartersville Road, 96, 94

Stockyard Grill & Creamery, 104 Danville Street, 98

Rocky Top Shell, 79 E. Old Lexington Road, 100, 100

Pasture, 7907 Nicholasville Road, 93, 100

Subway, 1 Public Square, 98

McDonald’ s, 249 Lexington Street, 92

Garrard Co High School, 599 Industry Road, 100

Garrard Middle School, 304 W. Maple Ave, 98

Lancaster Elementary, 205 Lexington Street, 98

Camp Dick Elementary, 279 N. Camp Dick Road, 100

Paint Lick Elementary, 6798 Richmond Road, 95

Follow Up Inspections

Locals Market, 99

Family Dollar Store, 93

Mt. Everest Nepal LLC 1, 91

Mini Market, 95

Lee’s Famous Recipe, 100

Leo’ s, 98

Fivestar Food Mart, 95