Going wet would be positive for Lincoln

Published 6:28 am Saturday, May 12, 2018

Dear Editor, 

Every county around Lincoln County is wet. Crab Orchard is going wet soon. Lincoln County should go wet as well. 

The extra revenue would greatly help residents of Lincoln County out. The extra funds could help with road repairs, create public transit for the residents of Lincoln County. Money could also help with public safety, education, also create new programs like help pay prescriptions for people who don’t have insurance or poverty-stricken residents who are unable to pay for prescriptions themselves. 

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Additionally, allowing alcohol sales in Lincoln County would keep people from going to other counties or meeting with moonshiners in Lincoln County. I know for a fact there are several in Lincoln County. 

I hope you all give this letter to Lincoln County officials. I’m willing to talk more about the positive effects of allowing Lincoln County to be wet.

John Ormes