Danville, Boyle approve resurfacing roads

Published 7:42 am Thursday, May 17, 2018

Danville and Boyle County governments both approved paving projects for numerous roads this week.

On Monday night, Danville City Commission approved spending approximately $317,000 to resurface 22 streets this spring:

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• Fox Run Trail from Rebel Road to Fox Harbor Drive;

• Fox Harbor Drive from Denmark Drive to Fox Run Trail;

• Farris Court from East Main Street to East Walnut Street;

• Fourth Street from West Lexington Avenue to Main Street;

• Lannock Place from Bannock Drive to Argyll Woods Drive;

• Broadway from First Street to Fourth Street;

• Factory Lane from Waveland Avenue to Hustonville Road;

• Westridge Drive from Stewarts lane to the dead end;

• Rebel Road from Cloverdale Drive to Fox Harbor Drive;

• West Walnut from Quisenberry Street to the dead end;

• Jane Trail from U.S. 127 to Brent Avenue;

• Secretariat Drive from Venetian Way to Venetian Way;

• Pleasant Colony from Man-O-War to Secretariat Drive;

• O’Hara Drive from Parkview to McDowell Drive;

• Bannock Drive from Lannock Place to the dead end;

• Proctor Street from East Lexington Avenue to Caldwell Street;

• Colonial Way from Manor Hill to the new section of Manor Hill;

• Ruston Hill Drive from Carrigan Drive to Fox Run Trail;

• Circle Drive from Second Street to Dorothy Avenue;

• Dorothy Avenue from Second Street to the dead end; and

• Walnut Street from Stanford Road to Second Street.

City Engineer Earl Coffey said the city plans to start resurfacing work next week; it will require around 4,000 tons of asphalt.

At a Boyle County Fiscal Court special meeting Tuesday morning, magistrates approved spending approximately $82,000 in local government economic assistance (LGEA) funds to resurface the following eight roads in the 2018-19 fiscal year:

• McDermott Street, First Street, Hamilton Lane, Old Lebanon Road and Old New Pike in the Mitchellsburg community;

• Southern Drive and Old Danville Road in the Perryville community; and

• Chrisman Spur, a road off of Chrisman Lane that runs to the Lincoln County line on the eastern end of the county.

County Engineer Duane Campbell said the roads will be paved with LGEA funds being carried over from the current fiscal year. “We are not budgeting any future revenues at this time.”

Judge-Executive Harold McKinney said there’s a thorough process involved in deciding which roads should be resurfaced every year.

“Duane’s men are out mowing and scraping and they know what streets are what, and that’s where it starts,” McKinney said.

Then, Campbell brings a list of the roads identified by road crews to McKinney and they work together to determine which roads would get the biggest bang for the buck and how many roads they can afford to resurface.

“We try to make sure the roads that get a lot of people on them get served first,” McKinney said.