Apology for ‘insensitive’ remarks on salaries

Published 6:45 am Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dear Editor,

This letter is written as an apology to all of our first responders, their families, and to all of the members our community. 

I write to apologize for the insensitive comments I made following the very professional concerns shared about the salary and benefits received by all of our city employees as compared to the recent salary increase voted upon by your City Commission.

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It was a mistake for me to say I hadn’t lost any sleep over the issue of salary and benefits as this is an on-going issue of concern for me. But rest assured that I have lost a lot of sleep since making my insensitive remarks.

I NEVER want any of my actions as a commissioner to lower the morale of our city employees. I always have supported, and will continue to support the best salary and benefits package that the City of Danville can afford for all of our employees.

I also realize that I must work diligently to regain your respect and support and I will continue to be a public servant NOT a politician.

James “J.H.” Atkins

Danville City Commissioner