Flying fun facts

Published 9:10 am Thursday, May 24, 2018

JUNCTION CITY — Several students from the Lincoln County Homeschool 4-H Club visited Stuart Powell Field Monday afternoon. While there, the group visited the Air Evac hanger and talked to a mechanic on duty. They also became acquainted with basic aviation controls and learned about flight safety checks from an advanced ground instructor at a specialized flight simulator at the airport.

Lincoln County Homeschool 4-H Club members, Jacob Crowe wraps his arm around his younger sister, Kaylee, as they watch an Air Evac helicopter take off at Stuart Powell Field on Monday afternoon.

Cadet Major Ryan Hebert, right, shows Victoria Noe, second from left, how to tie a rubber band around a nut for her rocket, as Justice White intensely watches.

Early in the evening, students, ranging in grades from early elementary school to high school, were guests of the Stuart Powell Cadet Squadron 122 Civil Air Patrol. At CAP headquarters, cadets  dressed in fatigues taught their visitors how to build a simple, hand-powered rocket using a rubber band as its engine. 

Even though there seemed to be a threat of rain moving in, the group stepped outside, practiced a few flings of their rockets, then had a friendly competition of distance and accuracy.

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After the fun, cadet leaders took a more serious tone and described the importance of the Civil Air Patrol and what skills the organization was teaching them.

Ryan Ford takes aim with his homemade rocket.

While picking up their simple rockets after they were launched, an Air Evac helicopter swoops down to land near its hanger at Stuart Powell Air Field Monday evening.

Civil Air Patrol cadets, along with two new recruits and the visiting Lincoln County Homeschool 4-H Club line up for an inspection.