Murphy wins fifth election for 3rd District; Curtsinger wins firs for 2nd 

Published 9:02 am Thursday, May 24, 2018


James A. Murphy won his fifth election to be 3rd District constable with a vote of 239 to his opponent, John C. Hambel’s 107 votes.

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Murphy said Wednesday morning he wanted to thank Hambel for the race, but he was confident he’d win because of all the people he knows in the district, which is made up of south Danville and part of Parksville.

“It’s kind of huge,” Murphy said.

However, knowing his win is official, “I feel ecstatic!”

Murphy’s goal was to be constable in the 3rd District for 20 years. He said he wanted to, “Just for my benefit. It was just my plan.”

Before the election Murphy said as constable he’s qualified to make arrests, but he mainly serves legal papers such as eviction notices, court summonses and subpoenas for local attorneys, as well as for three in Lexington and five in Cincinnati, which he will now continuing doing.

Murphy said he also wanted to thank everyone who voted for him, and he’s already looking ahead to the next election.

“After the next four years, I’m going to run for something else. Maybe magistrate. Maybe city council,” Murphy said.

“I just like the competition. Plus I’ve got to keep moving. I’m not dead yet!”

Curtsinger takes 2nd District 

In the 2nd District constable race, Dennis Curtsinger ousted incumbent James Henson by almost 68 percent. Although happy it made it through the primary, Curtsinger says he’s surprised by the turnout. 

“It was a very low voter turnout, I thought it would be a lot higher than that.” 

It really surprised him, he says, when he found out the margin he won by (325 votes to 154). “That did surprise me, but, then again — I got out and worked, too. Like I told everybody, I ran on what I think I can do.” 

Curtsinger reiterated his earlier promises: to be a presence around the schools, to slow traffic down on U.S. 127; to help with wrecks and overall traffic control …. 

“Whatever they need me to do, I’m there for the officers. I didn’t make any promises that I can’t keep.” 

Curtsinger will be going through training offered by the Kentucky Constable Association Inc. “I’m not sure exactly when yet, but I’d like to have all my ducks in a row by the time I’m sworn in, in January.” 

Curtsinger said although the turnout was disappointing, he appreciates the people who did get out and vote. “I thank everyone for having the confidence in me, and for getting out and voting. I was surprised by the margin — it’s hard to beat an incumbent, sometimes. But, Like I said, what I promised people, I intend to keep those promises.”