Nothing can be done without hope, confidence and prayer

Published 6:39 am Friday, May 25, 2018

We spent some time at Cumberland Falls State Park this past week. After spending a day breathing in the fresh forest air and enjoying the peace and quiet, we ate dinner at the lodge and then retired to our room. Out of habit we turned on the television and discovered there had been another deadly school shooting. How suddenly we were snapped back into the sobering reality of more heartache.

Evil can only be stopped when it is removed from the conscience of mankind. Until then, we are faced with the consequences of sin.

The serious Christian is troubled by what is going on in the world but they also realize that God is not panicking or surprised — he is in total control. We also know the Bible predicts that before the return of Christ, the days will become more perilous.

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So, what can we do? Well, we can make ourselves available to help those in need but there is a condition that many Christians tend to forget. Most people do not really want help. They do not want to hear about God and they do not want to change the way they live.

The old saying is true, “You cannot help those who will not help themselves.” Next, we need to learn how to remain calm. The flood of daily negativity can cause fear and anxiety if we become more focused on the chaos than the hope and peace of God’s presence.

Yes, there is much wickedness and demonic influence in the world which is why it’s so critical to keep our mind and heart focused on God’s still small voice. This is the only voice that really matters.

Another point is the most obvious — we must pray. Prayer is a widely used word and yet we wonder if people are really falling on their knees or is it just a nice thing to say? I am personally convinced that we must ask God to give us a desire to pray or we will never understand our spiritual responsibility. Our human nature rebels so fiercely against us praying that if we do not develop a passionate burden to intercede, we will settle for just talking about it. 

God is aware that his people spend very little time praying which explains more than we would like to admit.

Can we make a difference in the world? Absolutely! Do we really want to make a difference in the world? That is the monumental question. It depends on how dedicated and determined we are to do what God is asking. 

Helen Keller once said, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” This is a wonderful motivational statement, but we need to distinguish the difference between a natural confidence to do what we want to do and a spiritual faith that is devoted to God’s instructions. 

When reverential respect and honor toward God is removed from education and government, it’s like replacing our moral compass with a self-serving philosophy which justifies our decision to drift aimlessly on a sea of arrogant independence.

Dr. Holland is a Christian minister, author, and community outreach chaplain. Read more at: