Police Blotter, May 21

Published 3:13 pm Friday, May 25, 2018

MAY 21

12:09 a.m., a female on Count Fleet Circle is requesting assistance with an opossum being in the backyard.
12:14 a.m., shots were fired in the area of Russell Cemetery Road in Junction City.
12:41 a.m., social services is requesting police assistance with removing a child from the home due to abuse.
12:50 a.m., several people are riding skateboards near the Presbyterian Church on Main Street.
5:28 a.m., someone has entered a house on Crosshill Road.
11:09 a.m., arrest made on South Second Street.
11:53 a.m., a maroon truck is in a ditch on Quisenberry Avenue; no one is around the vehicle and the door is standing open.
1:06 p.m., caller said she is on drugs and is in the company of her drug dealer; assistance given.
2:19 p.m., tip has been received about someone who is hiding in an abandoned house on North Fourth Street; he has active warrants and may be dealing narcotics out of the house; arrest made.
2:24 p.m., a subject is at North Third Street location and is causing a disturbance trying to remove a vehicle from the facility without documentation.
2:26 p.m, the sign for a business on Citation Drive was stolen over the weekend.
3:14 p.m., a white SUV has struck a deer on Lexington Road.
3:18 p.m., caller is reporting harassment at her place of work on Hustonville Road.
3:20 p.m., Mercer County is requesting mutual aid for a fire on Woodford Place in Bright Leaf subdivision; assistance given.
3:37 p.m., caller from Cottage Manor wants to speak to an office about disposing of a BB gun.
4:53 p.m., a fire hydrant is leaking on Toombs Court.
6:02 p.m., a male is passed out inside a vehicle parked near Walmart; officer busted out window due to the male refusing to unlock the door; emergency room was asked to contact police when the subject is released due to him having active warrant.
6:49 p.m., there is a verbal altercation between brothers on Count Fleet Circle; one of them has damaged property; one subject taken to a friend’s house.
7:33 p.m., there is an out-of-control 11-year old at the residence.
11:11 p.m., caller believes someone was trying to steal a lawn mower because it’s in the road on East Second Street in Perryville.
11:11 p.m., there are three suspicious teenagers standing out on East Mason Avenue.

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