From our files, May 26

Published 6:03 am Saturday, May 26, 2018

100 YEARS AGO — 1918

Danville and Boyle County, to date, has given the Second Red Cross War Fund $16,259.30, which is nearly $4,000 more than the quota. Every citizen of Boyle County must be thrilled with justifiable pride that they are a member of a community which has so liberally responded to the call of mercy.

The following resolutions were unanimously adopted on May 26, 1918, by the Sunday School of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, of Danville: It is reported that the Naval Department has given up for lost the ship Cyclops … Our fellow student and friend, Elwood Montgomery was a member of the crew of this ship… Be is resolved that we tender our deep sympathy to his family… A copy of theses resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the Sunday School, that together with his star on our service flag, they may remind us of the cause for which he offered his life.” Montgomery was born and reared in Danville and was the son of Mrs. Jennie Montgomery who lives on Third Street. It is hoped that some trace of the lost ship may be found.

For public auction: The choice suburban farm of Capt. A.B. Massey has been subdivided and will be sold at auction on June 6. This place has been beautifully sub-divided into four farms and 20 town lots. The farms are about 28, 27, 35 and 22 acres each. The lots are the big deep lots so you can have a garden, chickens and barns. The Massey farm is the best naturally watered farm in Boyle County. There are three everlasting running springs and city water on all of the town lots. This beautiful place is located in the very suburbs of Danville on Shakertown Pike in one of the best neighborhoods on a boulevard. Two fine grocery stores are 300 yards away. This land is as rich as cream and grows hemp, tobacco, corn and wheat. The crying need of the community is more small farms; butter is 50 cents a pound here and the town people cannot be supplied with country produce. The lack of small farms makes Danville the highest priced marked for country produce in the state.

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Our ice company is endeavoring to help the public with additional service and is keeping its Second Street office open until 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. This is a great help to the country people who want to get ice.

In Lancaster, Ash Goins owns a cat who is nursing four young squirrels that were captured in the woods near his home. The mother cat had lost several of her young kittens and was given the squirrels to console her broken heart. The young rodents have taken to their adoptive mother like ducks to water. Dave Stephens said he also has a cat that is nursing one young squirrel with her five kittens. Their playful antics around the house is watched with much curiosity.

75 YEARS AGO — 1943

The trial of George Jackson, 16, who is charged with malicious assault with intent to kill, has been set for Saturday. Jackson was lodged in the city jail following his attack Tuesday afternoon on Donald Ewing, 16-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Ewing, with a baseball bat. Donald, with two companions were playing ball on a lot behind the Danville High School buildings. When Donald went to bat, Jackson, who had been lingering on the field, stepped up, took the bat away and hit him across the knees and head, breaking his jawbone in two places. His friends fled in fright and left the injured boy alone. However, it was later learned that one of Donald’s friends went for his mother and the other located a car in which to take him home.

A brief but interesting glimpse of Danville’s own Bennington Steele “Benny” Powell, who is now in North Africa, was afforded his relatives and friends there through a Paramount newsreel that was shown at the Kentucky Theatre on Sunday and Monday. Entitled, “Heat Waves” the newsreel showed a group of lads enjoying a bath in the Mediterranean waters off the coast, probably near Agiers. Lieut. Powell, dressed only in a striped bath towel, was seen to jump off a tank, turn and wave, and run on for his dip into the sea. Mrs. Powell, of Shakertown Road, gave a theater party for friends who enjoyed seeing Benny. She said the view of her son in the film was the next best thing to seeing him in person. Powell is a former Centre College student and the son of Captain Frank Powell, who is now with the U.S. Army.

50 YEARS AGO — 1968

Forest Hafley, who recently sold his farm in the West End, has bought the Elmwood Home, site of the old Elmwood Academy from Mrs. Norma Dee Collett at public auction for $9,050.

Duncan and Hilliard Ashland Service Station on Lebanon Road has announced that because of inclement weather during the past few days, they have plenty of Idaho potatoes left and will continue their offer until the potatoes are all gone. Yesterday and Friday the business gave away five pounds of potatoes with each $3 purchase of gasoline. Also during their grand opening they are giving away gifts to everyone who stops by and are distributing balloons and bubble gum to the kiddies.

Recreational facilities and a Central Youth Center “to get young Negro and white people together” was proposed at the public meeting to discuss the U.S. Riot Commission Report at St. James A.M.E. Church in Danville. The youth center would feature dances and similar activities in its early stages but would advance to other programs such as helping young people find summer employment.

25 YEARS AGO — 1993

Chris Hill handily won Tuesday’s Democratic primary for Boyle County jailer over three opponents and completed a campaign that really began four years ago when he lost the primary to current Jailer Mickey Harmon. Former judicial secretary Trudy Stevens won a five-way race in Tuesday’s Democratic primary for Boyle circuit clerk. Stevens had worked 20 years as a secretary to circuit court judges before she retired to seek the office vacated by outgoing clerk Tony Wilder, who won the party’s primary for judge-executive. In other primary news, Mike Montgomery and John Caywood are assured seats on the Boyle Fiscal Court in 1994 because they do not face Republican opposition in November. Caywood defeated incumbent J.P. Connor in District 6.

The Danville Board of Education has adopted an $8.8 million budget for the 1993-94 year.

The Danville City Commission has received requests for $229,675 from various agencies or non-profits as it prepares its new budget.

About $99,000 worth of Thom McAn black cowboy boots were stolen last week from a freight truck en route from New Jersey to the shoe company’s Danville distribution center. The truck arrived at about 3:30 a.m. on May 20 at the Danville plant with 118 of the 731 cases missing.

Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center will undergo a major expansion and renovation under at $12.6 million project approved by the hospital’s board of directors. The project is primarily aimed at providing more space for the hospital’s outpatient and emergency services. The project, which is the centerpiece of the hospital’s “Plan for 2000” was unveiled by hospital administrator Thomas Smith.