Predictions, missing persons and spirits: Psychics of the area  

Published 6:47 am Saturday, June 2, 2018

Psychics are known to use their powers to help people in various ways — marriage predictions, finding missing persons and talking with spirits.

Molly Walker and Suzan Roboulet of Danville have practiced in recent years in Boyle County where they didn’t have to have a license to use their powers, according to The Advocate-Messenger archives.

Two others, Eon Parr and Madame Mary had newspaper advertisements about their readings in the 1930s.

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Walker predicts weddings

Walker held a driver’s license in January of 1986 belonging to James Carrico of Lebanon while giving him a clairvoyant reading in her East Broadway Home. His girlfriend recently visited Walker and suggested he come in for a reading.

Walker predicted Carrico would soon be engaged to his girlfriend, have a psychic experience and prosper in business.

A Frankfort couple, Charles Clay and Mary Long had fallen in love through the lucky happenstance of meeting in a clothing store in January 1981. The romance had been foreshadowed by Danville clairvoyant’s prediction.

Psychic Walker told her friend Mary Long in 1980, “You will be marrying soon and the letter C will be the initial of his name.”

Walker provided a reading session at her home, however, Long was startled to hear she would be married to a man she had never met.

Later, Long was in her clothing store assisting a customer who happened to be Charles Clay, who did not realize it at the time, but he had just met his future wife.

The romance soon ensued, with the couple deciding to get married on Jan. 2 with a ceremony performed at the home of Walker.

Walker said she had predicted other weddings but the Frankfort couple’s was the first one held at her home.

Talks about “spirits”

“I just know that they will be happy spirits, everyone loves a wedding and everyone loves a lover,” Walker said during an interview in October 1979.

Walker talked about “happy spirits” that made themselves evident since she moved into her new home on Halloween night four years ago.

The first night she stayed in the East Broadway house, her son and friends saw a woman’s form appear. He said it was “like a light, but not real bright.” It lingered a while and vanished.

Others have seen or heard weird things, Walker said, but not anybody got scared. It’s just a lot of laughs.

Some friends came to the house and saw a bright light in the room and heard voices.

“It was a spirit tying to get their attention, Walker said.

She also writes ghost stories about her experiences.

She has clients of all ages from Ohio, Tennessee and Florida.

Walker said there are a lot of haunted houses in Danville. She said when “haints” come to live in a house, the house is always haunted.

Ladies only

Eon Parr, world renown psychic, appeared on stage in November 1936, at the Kentucky Theatre twice daily.

She held a special matinee performance for “Ladies only.” Each lady who attended received a personal horoscope and was invited to ask Parr the most intimate questions.

Parr had consulted thousands of people throughout the United States on business and emotional affairs. She arrived at a successful conclusion as a result.

She first discovered and used her powers as a child. After numerous baffling experiences with strange and sometimes terrifying psychic phenomena, she decided to try and learn the source and cause of these manifestations. After years of study, she learned to control and use this sixth sense for the benefit of others.

Parr thought people were too close to their own problems to solve them. Besides a deep and sympathetic understanding, Parr’s penetrating pineal eye went into the depths of the patient’s subconscious and brought them forth surely and exactly the course to be followed to bring about the result desired or the information so eagerly sought for.

Her program also included the showing of Max Reinhardt’s famous “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Positive spiritual force

Suzan Roboulet, formerly of Monticello, saw her psychic ability as a positive spiritual force, but her perception of her abilities was not shared by everyone.

Some residents in Wayne County considered her and “instrument of the devil” and a “witch” and said so during public hearings publicized throughout Kentucky. Fundamentalist pastors denounced her from the pulpit, she said.

She moved to Boyle County in the 1980s after trying and failing to be permitted to practice as a psychic in Wayne County.

Boyle County does not require a special license to practice as psychic.

She describes her abilities as clairvoyant —being able to see things that are not sight and cannot be perceived by the five senses.

The 46-year-old Ohio native said as a child, she experienced psychic phenomena but blocked it out because of her lack of understanding and criticism received from others.

During her teenage years, she saw several deaths before they happened, she said.

As she got older, she continued “to open up and trust her abilities and by the time she was 30 she was a professional psychic.

She gave readings, lectures, taught classes and had a weekly radio program.

The best-known use of psychics has been by police trying to locate missing people, she said. While living in Denver, Roboulet helped people find a missing person.

She said all people have some psychic ability —sometimes from a “gut feeling” that cannot be logically explained.

She had developed to the point that she was able to “pick up” on other peoples’ “psychic energies and said it is exhausting. It’s like swimming through the thickest soup to get from me to you.”