A letter from after Trump’s election

Published 6:15 am Saturday, June 9, 2018

Dear Editor,

The morning following the Presidential election I wrote the following words.

I made some predictions.  Some have come true, some have not, and others will become reality before the end of Trump’s term.

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In the election of November 08, 2016 we were presented with a clear choice. On one side we had a party led by a misogynist, a narcissistic adulterer, a vain and shallow opportunist, a vindictive man who’s been accused of sexual assault by twenty women.

A man who lies at every opportunity, who curses and rages against those who dare to disagree with him, and who is one of the worst men on the public stage.  

On the other side we had a good and experienced woman, a past Senator and Secretary of State with a proven track record who could have performed magnificently as POTUS.

America chose this supremely ignorant man to be our President. If that were not enough this man’s chosen party controls the house and senate. Soon after his inauguration he will put forward a Reich wing ideologue for the SCOTUS who will be bent on eliminating all progressive decisions rendered by this court in the past 100 years.

Following his ascension to the court we will see the reversal of Roe v Wade and what remains of the Voting Rights Act. The dream of reversing Citizens United will die and dark corporate and institutional money will continue to determine the course of most elections.

On the legislative side we will see the demise of the EPA, the Department of Education, and other agencies whose purview includes public lands and natural resources. The new Consumer Protection Agency will be dissolved and the Clean Air Act repealed.

Dodd Frank Financial Protection Legislation will be repealed and the Affordable Care Act will be gutted. The endangered species act will be so watered down as to be rendered meaningless.

Participation of the United States in the Paris Climate Change agreement will be withdrawn and the agreement with Iran preventing them from acquiring nuclear weapons will be refuted.  

We will see huge tax cuts for the rich and corporations that will balloon the Federal deficit by trillions of dollars.

The plutocracy under which we now live will grow even stronger and emperor Trump will see to the passage of legislation that will greatly restrict the freedom of the press and their ability to monitor and/or criticize him.

Jim Porter