Police blotter from June 6

Published 9:14 am Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Editor’s note: Taken from the Danville 911 records, the Police Blotter represents a history of the initial calls and the information used by the dispatcher to send officers to investigate complaints. It is not necessarily an indication of what the officer found upon arrival at the scene, or of how police may have dealt with the complaint.


7:07 a.m., caller has located a backpack or purse hanging in her mailbox on Alum Springs Cross Pike; officer said he would ride by sometime today and pick it up; 7:39 a.m., someone in a silver truck came by and grabbed the backpack and left.

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7:15 a.m., a female said she’s been exposed to chemicals; there is a bad phone connection and dispatch is unable to get more information; assistance given.

7:49 a.m., caller has noticed a female in the area around Danville High School for the past several days and it appears she may be homeless.

7:52 a.m., staff at the water treatment plant on Lexington Avenue has found a duffle bag and trash bag at the back gate; it was left by a female.

8:50 a.m., an inmate at the jail wants to report his vehicle has been stolen from Bate Middle School location.

9:56 a.m., female on Hickory Lane said a man is there who she has a court order on; he and damaged property and assaulted her; arrest made.

11:42 a.m., report that tools have been stolen from Stuart Powell Ford.

12:06 p.m., a 23-year-old male fell off a hay wagon and was run over.

12:38 p.m., a man in his 60s or 70s, is sitting down and sliding down the hill on Jane Trail; unable to locate subject.

12:50 p.m., officer has been flagged down in reference to an intoxicated man who walked away after a verbal altercation on Jane Trail; he has been retrieved by his girlfriend.

1:42 p.m., caller from Silverbrook Drive wants to ask the officer who responded earlier, if he knew where her pocketbook was; caller was told that as far as the officer knew, it should be in the residence.

2:44 p.m., officer setting out property due to an eviction on Cream Ridge Road.

4:16 p.m., complaint that people are dumping trash in Jackson Park.

4:16 p.m., possible verbal altercation in progress at CVS.

4:42 p.m., a male customer caused a verbal disturbance over the price of dog food going up.

5:08 p.m., caller has located a dog on Apache Trail; he said he will keep it until tomorrow when animal control is in, but if police get any calls about the lost dog, they may give out his phone number.

5:19 p.m., caller on South Fourth Street saw a physical altercation between three men in a black car and a man in a maroon car; options were explained.

8:44 p.m., neighbor dispute on Sixth Street; trouble settled.

10:26 p.m., a suspicious man with sores on his face is sitting on a front porch and he looks questionable.

10:30 p.m., vehicle stop near Taco Bell; intoxicated male is attempting to contact his attorney; 11:43 p.m., lawyer contacted and subject refused blood test; arrest made.

11:22 p.m., a lot of people are in the creek on Forkland Road and are shinning light on incoming vehicles.