Property transfer, June 13

Published 6:50 am Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Patrick J. Steigerwald and Xiahong Zhang to Corey P. Steigerwald, lot on Gallant Fox, gift; fair market value, $114,000.

Edna Burton to Tammy G. McNew, property on South Alta Ave., gift; fair cash value, $20,000.

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Sharon Burger, executrix of estate of Christine Bottom to John and Sylvia Hensley, two tracts in Boyle County, $25,000.

Theresa and Manuel Conder to Clifton Suter, lot in Erskine Subdivision, $90,000.

Kathleen K. and Donald R. Wafford to Trevor A. Wise, lot in End-O-Main Farm Development, $92,500.

John I. and Stacey Blakemore to Justin Miracle, property in West Danville Subdivision, $130,000.

HEA, LLC to Haven Care Center, Inc., property on South Fourth Street, $190,000.

Jacob C. and Twila J. Arnold to Lisa Peavey, lot in Wandering Hills Subdivision, $139,200.

Edward L. and Mildred S. Robinson to Danielle N. Nalley, lot on West Eades Ave., $61,550.

Alvita and Jim Carey, and June Carey to Jackie and Beverly Lamb, tract on White’s Ridge Road, $17,000.

Lazy A. Farm, LLC to Roger O’Hair, Sr., 17.35 acres in Boyle County, $157,500.

Cortney Enlow and Seth Trayner to Christopher S. Sikes, 1.074 acres in Boyle County, $108,000.

Paul and Heather Brizendine to Phillip B. Wright, by Julie R. Wright, attorney-in-fact and Julie R. Wright, individually, lot in Lakedale Subdivision, $282,500.

Portion Properties, LLC to Nicholas S. and Susan K. Powers, lot in Creech Subdivision No. 2, $33,550.

Randy and Melissa Ingram to Ashlyn T. and Jonathan S. Rehner, lot in Streamland Subdivision, $170,000.

Stephen P. and Carolyn A. Hunter to H. Vincent Pennington, III, trustee, to Stephen P. and Carolyn A. Hunter, property in Caldwell Manor, joint tenants with survivorship; fair cash value, $90,000.

Walter L. and Lea R. Goggin, by her attorney-in-fact, Walter L. Goggin to Jeremy D. and Lee A. Shepherd, two tracts of the Goggin Plat, $410,000.

Portion Properties, LLC to Deborah Garrison, two lots of the Farris Court Revision, $140,800.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Kimberly L. and Gary W. Bell, Jr.  to Samantha J. Garrett, tract on Liberty-Columbia Road (Hwy. 260), $17,000.

Michael C. and Casey M. Propes to Sterlin W. and Amanda B. Snow, two parcels in Casey County, $28,000.

Mary A. Ratliff to Larry R. and Deborah A. VanHoose, tract in Casey County, $32,000.

Gloradean Wethington to Timothy J. Wethington and Jasper W. Wethington, 19.947 acres in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $30,000.

Earl G. and Betty G. Whittaker to Kenneth E. and Delaina Floyd, property on Oliver Bastin Road, exchange of property; fair cash value, $3,000.

Kenneth E. and Delaina Floyd to Earl G. and Betty G. Whittaker, tract on Oliver Bastin Road, exchange of property; fair cash value, $15,000.

Kenneth E. Patten to Katherine M. Luttrell, two tracts near KY 906 and Freys Creek, $12,000.

Michael C. Meece to Patricia A. Kight, lot from the Basil and Alice Roy property, $5,000.

Judy Phillips to Daniel K. and Sara D. Tarter, property on Middleburg Street, $144,000.

Kris Merkel to Frank M. and Jamie L. Gallo, tract on Hwy. 1615, $60,000.

Angela J. and Brad Luttrell to Oren D. Hatter, property on Hwy. 198, $1,000.

Denise P. and Michael W. Bodner to Mackie E. Shelton, tract on Dry Ridge Road, $40,000.

Paul M. Martin to Katrina S. Martin, parcel on south side of Thomas Ridge Spur county road, $110,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Cundiff Rental Properties, LLC to Family Dynamics, LLC, lot in Lancaster-Garrard County Industrial Development Authority, Inc., $65,000.

Lindsay K. Phillips to Ronnie Nunemaker and Tim Nunemaker, lot in Bright Leaf Estates Subdivision, $6,500.

Debra A. and Barry Valentour, Edward A. Causey, and Margie M. Causey to Cartersville/Paint Lick Fire and Rescue, Inc., 1.51 acres in Garrard County, $19,995.

James R. and Lisa Critchley to Mario and Delia Martinez, lot in Bright Leaf Estates Subdivision, $9,500.

JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp., Janet A. Lark, Greg T. Lark, by Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner to Ashley Smith, property on Cave Springs Drive, $67,700.

Kevin and Miranda Roberts to Joshua Jones, lot in Cade’s Cove Subdivision, $184,900.

Harry J. and Sandy C. Whitt to Tyler J. and Dawn M. Ten Eyck, lot in Hideaway Cove Estates, $15,000.

Teater Brothers, Inc. to Steven and Jenny Burkhart, lot in Teater Brothers Subdivision, $2,500.

Country Ayr, LLC to Matthew and Kendra Grimes, two lots in Angela’s Corner Subdivision, $315,000.

Jim I. and Tammy Parrett to Bradley Roy, 0.965 acres in Garrard County, $145,000.

Craig and Mary Adkins to Stephen E. and Kathleen D. Smith, two tracts on Broadus Branch Road, $160,000.

John B. and Patricia Rich to Jeffery A. Rich, 20 acres on Doc Walker Road, gift; value, $1,000.

John B. and Patricia Rich to Jeffery A. Rich, 6.902 acres in Garrard County, gift; value, $500.

Jesse J. and Fronie M. Pingleton to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., property on Copper Creek Road, mortgage release; value, $72,623.

Elizabeth Blackwell to Muriel A. Wilson, 24 acres in Garrard County, $251,500.

Steve Lasslo, administrator of the estate of Joseph M. Lasslo to Robert and Dawn Chapin, property on Camp Nelson Road, $180,000.

Kevin T. and Aundrea R. Damrell to Dalton and Jessica Moody, 1 acre in Garrard County, $16,500.

John W. and Alberta H. Howard to Cassandra B. Reed, two tracts of the Cummins Copper Creek Valley, $5,000.

Jeffrey B. and Megan McQueen to Jonathan B. and Christian L. Jones, lot in Ridge Crest Estates, $62,500.

Brandon and Jennifer Rutherford to Leonel D. Rodriguez, two tracts in Canoe Creek Development, $35,000.

Mary K. and Michael B. Brill II to Charles L. and Kathleen F. Finley, lot in Camp Dick Acres Subdivision, $227,000.

Shannon J. and Katherine R. Poynter to Manual M. and Kelly Francis, lot in Cade’s Cove Subdivision, $218,000.

Teresa L. Crace to Ryan A. and Vanessa M. Turner, property on Tuggle Road, $156,000.

Allene Dollins to Joseph C. Ball, property on Hwy. 52, gift; fair cash value, $15,000.

Barbara Montgomery to Karissa and Scott Watson, Eva and Jimmy Hicks and Rodney and Stacey Montgomery, three parcels in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $15,000.

Mike Asberry to Joshua and Danna Sparks, tract on north side of Danville Pike, $40,000.

Karen L. Allen to Brittany and Douglas Goens II, lot in River Run Estates Subdivision, $332,000.

Dustin Butner to Pamela J. and Wilfred C. Bunnell, Jr., two lots in Merriwood Estates, $175,000.

Willa J. and Otis C. Benning to Otis C. and Willa J. Benning, trustees of the Benning 2018 Trust, property on the Lancaster and Lexington Pike, real estate trust; value, $140,000.

Brenda Tudor, executor of the estate of Sky A. Tudor to Eric and Kimberly G. Sowers, 4.45 acres on Danville Road, $255,000.

Louis C. and Karen Chiles to Paul M. and Pauline Burroughs, lot in Riverside Estates Subdivision, $142,500.

Ralph S. Coleman to New Haven MH Properties, LLC, lot in Teater Brothers Subdivision, $85,250.

Phillip C. and Virginia R. S. Stump to Nicholas A. and Katharyn R. Stump, one acre in Garrard County, $118,939.84.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Erica Jenkins, now Erica Cook, and Trampas Cook to Denise A. Pike, lot in Foster’s Lane Residential Development, $107,000.

Pamela Hobbs Cox, executrix of the Lida J. Hobbs estate, to Ella Mae Curlis, property on Upland Drive, Stanford, $40,000.

Manuel W. and Theresa A. Conder, Danny W. and Earlene C. Hargis and J. Stuart and Sandra L. Conder to Manuel W. and Theresa A. Conder, two-thirds interest in four tracts of land on Moores Lane, $53,333.30.

Bill Demrow and Jack R. Withrow, on behalf of the Buffalo Springs Cemetery Company Inc., to Jennifer Brenda Reed, grave space B-walkway in lot No. G-10, South Addition to Buffalo Springs Cemetery, $1,000.

Jason S. and Emily J. Merrick to Brian Shane Cook, 0.594 acre off KY Hwy 1770, $1; fair market value, $1,000.

Marcus L. Wesley and Adriana M. Coleman to Bruce and Vanessa J. Goodin, 14.54 acres on Edgar Trusty Road, $20,000.

U.S. Bank, N.A., to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property on Hazlett Hollow Road, $1; fair market value, $55,000.

Clayton and Jessica Davis to Tina Moss, two tracts of land in Cold Springs Subdivision, $160,000.

Owen D. Brandenburg, executor of the Billie K. Glass estate, to Gary W. Rothwell, lot No. 30 of Elliott Estates Subdivision, $105,000.

David Wilcher to Darrell and Donna Kendall, property on Douglas Avenue, Hustonville, $16,500.

Azline D. Dodson, as trustee for The Avery D. Dodson Revocable Trust and The Azline D. Dodson Revocable Trust, to Azline D. Dodson, trustee of The Azline D. Dodson Revocable Trust, one-half undivided interest in two parcels of property off U.S. 150 and William Whitley Road, fair cash value of the one-half interest conveyed is $231,350.

Azline D. Dodson to Azline D. Dodson, trustee of The Azline D. Dodson Revocable Trust, 9.595 acres on William Whitley Road; fair cash value, $28,000.

Charles and Shelia Alcorn to Jack and Sheila Stull, two parcels of property in Cash Creek Estates, including lot No. 11, Phase 1, $156,000.

Edward B. and Teresa E. Landing to Larry O. and Donna S. Bond, two parcels of property in Lincoln County, including tract 23 of Countryside Estates Subdivision, Phase 3, total acreage is approximately 10.0011 acres, $260,000.

Bobby Gene and Diane Joyce Payton to Roger and Alicia L. Arnold, 1.641 acres on KY Hwy 78, near Hustonville, $40,000.

Robert W. and Shirley I. Wilson to David A. and Lisa R. Young, 0.396 acre on Johnson Road, Waynesburg, $39,000.

David D. Jones and Jenny Gilliam, f.k.a. Jenny D. Jones, to Linda J. Jones, property on Rigsby Road, lying south of Preachersville, $122,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to James and Co., LLC, property on Mason Gap Road, $22,000.

Lee and Pamela Jacobs, Linda and Ronald Barnes, Diana Jacobs, Michael Hoffman, Barry Donald Douglas, Patricia and Charles Balsis and Jennifer Jacobs to Jack Jacobs, 79.98 acres in Lincoln County, $192,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Henry T. and Frances E. Anness, Audrey P. and Harold L. Lester and Gloria P. Clark to Daryl A. and Lindsey J. Mathews, lot in Bellair Estates Subdivision, $181,000.

Lawrence and Brenda Bentley to Melissa D. Webb and Kimberly Degiovanni, lot in Shannon Oaks Subdivision, gift; fair market value, $164,506.

Andria and John Mattingly to Levi M. and Ashlyn R. Begley, 2.98 acres in Mercer County, $77,500.

Pat Simmons, executrix of the estate of Doug McAfee to Jerry and Rhonda Mattingly, two tracts in Mercer County, $1.00; fair market value, $1,000.

Mary A. Caines to Gary and Mary Noel, lot in Alexander Heights Subdivision, $155,000.

Ameriming Corporation to Rocky Higgins and Susan Phelps, property on West Broadway, $10,681.

George M. and Christy L. Killion to Taylor Hall, two lots in Graham Springs Subdivision, $30,000.

Barbara Jo L. Faith, as executrix under the last will and testament of Marjorie Young to Barbara Jo L. Faith, parcel on Greenville Street, $1.00.

William E. and Cori M. Yeager to Jeremy D. and Cierra Hopper, lot in Riverview Estates Subdivision, $145,000.

Adam B. Chumbley to Aaron and Meredith Bruner, 7.87 acres in Mercer County, $24,000.

Jonathan and Bethany Sommers to Nathan and Kathryn Esh, two parcels on Kirkwood Road, $145,000.

Glenna Engle to Sharon A. Lay, lot in Cottonwood Subdivision #2, $90,000.