Boyle County Fair swine show results 2018

Published 6:37 am Friday, June 15, 2018

The Boyle County Fair swine show was held on Saturday, June 9.


Novice (children under age 9 as of Jan. 1): All of these participants were winners and received ribbons and animal brushes — Ashlyn Ison, Tanner Ison, Jacob Kernodle, Malley Sipes, Holland Hobbs, Colton Fitzpatrick, Nolan Hobbs, Lane Stallard, Presley Truax and Hayden Atcher.

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Junior (ages 9-13): Will Sipes, grand champion; Cameron Caskey, reserve champion.

Senior (ages 14- 21): Courtney Jeffers, grand champion; Dylan Shaw, reserve champion.

Novice weight class: All participants received ribbons — Zay Stallard, Ashlynn Ison, Hayden Atcher, Jacob Kernodle, Grant Holman, Colton Fitzpatrick, Malley Sipes, Tanner Ison, Presley Truax and Holland Hobbs.

Crossbred Market

Class 1 (94 to 105 pounds):  Chase Flach, first; Dylan Shaw, second; Dylan Gilbert, third; Alexis Jones, fourth; Andrew Rutledge, fifth.

Class 2 (113-117 pounds): Zane Ison, first; Will Sipes, second.

Class 3 (122-128 pounds):  Corbin Coyle, first; Julia Weaber, second; Ethan Ellis, third; Cody Glasscock, fourth; Aubrey Jones, fifth; Wyatt Stumph, sixth; Andrew Rutledge, seventh.

Class 4 (131-139 pounds): Cameron Caskey, first; Zane Ison, second; Ethan Thompson, third; Cameron Caskey, fourth; Wyatt Stumph, fifth; Cort Flach, sixth; Aubrey Jones, seventh; Bryce Flach, eighth.

Class 5 (140-147 pounds): Blake Arnold, first; Ashley Risner, second; Caleb Kernodle, third; Alexis Jones, fourth; Eli Cotton, fifth; Ashley Risner, sixth.

Class 6 (150-158 pounds): Cameron Caskey, first; Emily Truax, second; Will Sipes, third; Wade Stumph, fourth; Charity Browning, fifth; Will Sipes, sixth; Caleb Kernodle, seventh.

Class 7 (160-165 pounds): Samuel Wade, first; Ryann Truax, second; Desmond Stubbs, third; Charity Browning, fourth.

Class 8 (172-183 pounds): Will Sipes, first; Courtney Jeffers, second; Charity Browning, third; Noah Frank, fourth.

Purebred market

Berkshire: Ethan Thompson, grand champion; Casey Montgomery, reserve champion.

Chester: Ethan Ellis, grand champion; Dylan Shaw, reserve champion.

Duroc: Ryan Truax, grand champion; Dylan Shaw, reserve champion.

Hampshire: Noah Frank, grand champion; Alexis Jones, reserve champion.

Landrace: Aubrey Jones, grand champion and reserve champion.

Spotted: Noah Frank, grand champion; Desmond Stubbs, reserve champion.

Yorkshire: Courtney Jeffers, grand champion; Dylan Shaw, reserve champion.

Other Breeds: Evan Cotton, grand champion; Zane Ison, reserve champion.

Overall Market: Blake Arnold, grand champion; Cameron Caskey, reserve champion.

Breeding Gilt Classes

Berkshire: Bryce Flach, first and third; Casey Montgomery, second.

Duroc: Jenna Thompson, first; Courtney Jeffers, second.

Hampshire: Alexis Jones, first; Bryce Flach, second.

Landrace: Aubrey Jones, first.

Other: Zane Ison, first.

Spotted: Desmond Stubbs, first.

Yorkshire (January): Julia Weaber, first; Ethan Thompson, second; Noah Frank, third.

Yorkshire (February): Avery Holman, first; Julia Weaber, second; Evan Cotton, third.

Crossbred (January): Corbin Coyle, first; Courtney Jeffers, second; Dylan Shaw, third; Ashley Risner, fourth.

Crossbred (February): Andrew Rutlege, first.

Overall Breeding Gilt: Avery Holman, grand champion; Jenna Thompson, reserve champion.

Other results

Youth show winners: Ethan Ellis, first; Cody Glasscock, second

Jackpot winners: Hayden Atcher, novice; Black Arnold, market; Jenna Thompson, breeding.