Perryville finalizes budget, including MSP contribution, second police officer

Published 9:48 pm Wednesday, June 20, 2018

In a meeting that went much more calmly than the last one, the Perryville City Council had second reading and approval of its 2018-19 budget Wednesday night.

With an estimated revenue of $293,148, estimated expenses of $292,562 and a year-end balance of $586, the budget includes funding for a part-time police officer and $1,000 for Main Street Perryville.

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Shortly after the meeting opened, council member Brian Caldwell made a motion to approve the budget, with council member Steve Bailey following closely behind with a second.

Council member Paul Webb asked if the council would consider increasing the line items for the alcohol license fees and the insurance premiums tax, both of which Webb believes generate more each year than the city budgets for.

Attorney Winfield Frankel said they could, if Webb made a motion to do so, but that it would likely require the city to have another first reading of the budget. If the council wanted to wait, Frankel said, they could amend the budget at a later date.

Webb followed up with a motion to change the line items, which council member Julie Clay seconded after a slight pause; the motion failed 3-2, with Caldwell, Bailey and Council member Joann Reynolds voting against the measure and Webb and Clay voting for it.

Caldwell then restated his motion to pass the budget, which was seconded again by Bailey. It was passed 4-1, with Clay casting a lone, “no” vote.