Herrington Lake restocked

Published 6:27 am Saturday, June 23, 2018

The release of 10,000 small mouth bass into Herrington Lake in May 1930 was enough to stock several states, according to an announcement in The Advocate-Messenger.

The Danville Chamber of Commerce decided to restock the lake with fish with the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Fisheries, and the Kentucky Department of Game and Fish.

The state Fish and Game Commission placed the small mouth bass in the lake, according to a letter from C.J. Meredith, superintendent of Game Wardens.

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Meredith spent a two-day inspection trip on the lake and saw that millions of young bass, between 1/4 to 1/2 inches long in the underbrush where they should soon develop into fingerlings.

“I believe there are enough young bass in Herrington Lake to not only stock the entire state of Kentucky but to stock several other states as well,” said Meredith.

He complimented the Chamber on taking an interest in the lake and said it was being carefully watched by his department and several games wardens kept on the lake.

Through Congressman L.L. Walker and Senators J.M. Robinson and A.W. Barkley, the Chamber secured instant action from the U.S. Department of Commerce and a letter conveyed information that a previous request from the Izaak Walton League has been received. The commerce department plans to send a liberal shipment of bass, bream, sun fish and crappie to the lake this fall.

An application for another stocking of Lake Herrington in 1931 was to be filled out and sent to Jay Harlan, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce.

April 1933 gardens

1,000 gardens planted with free seeds

More than 1,000 gardens were planted in the spring of 1933 in Boyle County after free seeds were provided by the County Relief Committee, according to an article in The Advocate-Messenger.

Elizabeth North, garden supervisor for the County Relief Committee, was director of the project.

The work of treating and distribution of the garden seed was completed in April, and a check-up reveals those receiving the seed have already planted their gardens and are taking interest in them, North said.

It also was pointed out that if it had not been for the free seed the gardens would not have been planted in the county this year.

The gardens provide people who are out of work with an abundance of food for the summer and winter, and relieve the acute distress experienced in some quarters.

Those in charge of the garden seed distribution thanked the people of Danville and Boyle County for the “fine spirit of cooperation shown in this work” and also expressed appreciation of those who assisted and favored with donations of various articles.

Those who helped are: Farmers Supply Co.; Danville Ice and Coal Co. donated coal; Gates and Co. for use of stove; Chestnut-Salter Hardware Co. for scales; Coca-Cola Co.; Kentucky Utilities; J.C. Beck, Jim Nevius and Harold Jones for barrels; Farmers Tobacco Warehouse; Tot Crain and Jones Brothers for lumber; Charlie and George Allen for tools and stove; and the local newspaper for cooperation in getting to the public needed information concerning seeds.

A card of thanks was signed by North, Lewis Tucker and Mrs. Bruce Montgomery.