Missing hot air balloons and free fair night

Published 6:40 am Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dear Editor,

For those of us who always see the (Great American Brass Band Festival) balloon race from the McDonald’s parking area, since the balloons went the southerly direction, we were disappointed as nothing could be seen from where we were parked.

Since the Boyle County Fair did away with the Tuesday night senior citizen night where we could get in free, we have not attended the fair. I still think if the price was so much per carload, the crowds would be bigger. People on fixed incomes would enjoy a free senior citizens night.

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Danville’s Main Street is so beautiful, yet to drive down it’s a rough street. It would be so nice to have a smooth Main Street.

There are always tourists, as well as local folk, who use Main Street and that would encourage new businesses to come to town and fill up the empty buildings.

The Boyle County Fiscal Court did a great thing when they voted unanimously to return the $10,000 back to Main Street Perryville. Thanks to the newspaper for making that a front page story.

The first time I saw Danville was 54 years ago and as I see it now much change has taken place. But the beauty of the city itself leaves a lasting impression.

Ron Moroni