Property transfers, June 27

Published 6:09 am Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Rondal P. and Melissa L. Chambers to Tyler and Kaitlyn Kivi, 1.679 acres of the Campbell Farm, $375,500.

Richard J. and Sarah S. Hempel to Glenda R. and Freddy L. Sizemore, Jr., lot in Rolling Meadows Subdivision, $335,000.

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Barbara A. Waters to Darrell D. and Erica H. Engle, 13.50 acres on Waterworks Road, $250,000.

Brian and June Henry to Gale and Danny Dalrymple, lot and a portion of a lot in Lakedale Subdivision, $88,000.

Estate of Ruth B. Cline, by and through its executor, Stephen Cline to Umang M. and Tabitha Patel, property on Alta Avenue, $50,000.

Thomas L. and Amy Jo Billings, trustees of the Thomas L. Billings and Amy Jo Billings Living Trust to Zachary K. and Megan R. Taylor, lot in Ridgefield Subdivision, $167,400.

James K. and Julie R. Reyna to Fred and Tiffany D. Adams, lot in Harmon Heights Subdivision, $175,000.

James & Co., LLC by James Evan Seagraves, as authorized member to Jonathon E. Reynolds, lot on Crystal Springs Road, $156,500.

Portion Properties, LLC to Jamie Baker, property on Waveland Avenue, $42,900.

Mildred Casey, executor of the estate of Mattie M. Elder to Christopher C. and Rachel Ertel, property on Hwy. 150, $26,000.

Harmon Properties, LLC to Kenneth Collins, parcel on Rosemont Ave., $134,500.

Gary M. and Diane F. Rogers to Jackie Antle, 1.45 acres in Boyle County, $85,000.

Mona Douglas to Samantha R. Douglas, three parcels in Paula Heights Subdivision, $1.00, gift; fair cash value, $95,000.

Empire Construction and Development, LLC to Walnut Street Commons Townhomes, Inc., property designated as “Common Area” at Walnut Street Commons, $1.00; fair market value, $1,000.

Edwin H. Hasty to Joshua D. Boblitt and Cherish P. Rogers, 1.14 acres in Boyle County, $12,500.

Margaret G. Cotton to Theo E. Cotton, 41.6 acres on the Salt River County Road, gift; fair cash value, $325,000.

Don Ellis to Lexington Road Laser Wash, LLC, property in Fitzpatrick Heights Subdivision, $62,500.

Brian D. Watters to Bingham Family Trust, property on East Green Street, $130,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Tommye A. Allen to Lori Johnson, .459 of an acre on Hustonville Street, $134,000.

Misty D. and Jason Bastin and Ryan C. Durham to Charles M. and Marsha Brown, 19.437 acres in Casey County, $38,880.

Junior D. and Hilda J. Patton to Ronald P. and Andrea K. Patton and Donald G. and Phyllis A. Patton, two tracts in Casey County, $65,000.

Timothy H. and Terri E. Gillock to Terry L. and Raquel D. Unruh, five acres on east side of Mason Creek County Road, $38,500.

Tamra L. Hill and Carol M. Hill to Spencer M. Brackett, 2.14 acres on south side of Scherrer Road, $72,500.

Carol B. Meece to Alejandro and Diane M. Fernandez, four tracts on east side of KY 910, $60,000.

James and Amanda Hayes to Heather Crowe, two tracts in Casey County, $12,000.

Broken Arrow, LLC to William D. Cochran, five tracts in the Jack Bell Village area, $77,000.

B. Eugene Rogers to Jessie M. Wesley, lot in Wedgewood Estates Subdivision, $125,000.

Angela L. Reed, Jason W. Reed and Amanda J. and Jason Robbins to S. Wayne Reed, property on Hwy. 78, gift; fair cash value, $24,000.

Michael P. and Lisa Ann Hankins to Enos A. and Mary D. Troyer, two tracts on Henson Creek Road, $215,000.

RZJ, LLC to Jeffrey L. and Shyrlene Lamb, lot in W. C. Brogle Property Division, $62,000.

Leamon and Thelma Sims to Leamon Sims, Ron Hatter, Curtis Robertson, William C. Robertson and Dwayne Mullins, as trustees of the Indian Creek Baptist Church, property on the west side of Angel Ridge Road, in consideration of desire to vest title; fair cash value, $750.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Mike Asberry to Bernita Perkins, lot in Ponderosa Estates, $31,000.

Lancaster Broadcasting Company to Eastern Sky, LLC, property on northwest side of Buckeye Road, $1.00; fair cash value, $17,500.

Lancaster Broadcasting Company to Eastern Sky, LLC, property near Buckeye Road, $1.00; fair cash value, $1,089.49.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Rick Cole and Chad Cole, property on Arvin Drive, $31,500.

Michael and Diana Skidmore to Shannon and Katherine Poynter, lot in Lakeridge Estates Subdivision, $225,000.

Joshua Messer and Tanya Messer to Justin T. Cole and Jennifer L. Noland, parcel on Hwy. 1295 (Kirksville Road), $147,000.

Danny E. and Rebecca A. Burton and Marie L. and Dave Morgan to Tara D. Hoskins, two lots on Hill Crest Avenue, $42,000.

Daniel B. Howard to Glen and Debbie Fibel, two tracts on Canoe Creek Road, $380,000.

Christy B. Miller to Jeremy L. and Sarah L. Parrett, six tracts on Long Branch Road, $125,000.

Betty and Armster Bruner, Jr. to Kay S. Shelton, lot in Whispering Hills Estates Subdivision, $145,000.

Delphine Byrd to Joe P. and Elizabeth Byrd, 19.25 acres in Garrard County, gift; value, $75,000.

Leroy C. Taylor to Chrystal M. Taylor, 7.123 acres on Gabbard Road, gift; fair cash value, $20,000.

David and Anne E. Rice to Jason and Jessica Phillips, two tracts in Garrard County, $164,000.

Eleanor Able Reid and Semmie Reid, Lolletta Bertsand, Janice Able, Clayton F. Able, Jr., Donna Hatton, Senator Able and Judy Able, Deshon Able, James Able and Mary Griffin, Charlene Able, Arrika N. Able and the estate of Clayton Able, Sr. (deceased) and any and all other parties identified in action, by Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner to Caywood Metcalf, three tracts on Able Way, $13,500.

Glenford and Bernadette Branham, by Glenford Branham, attorney-in-fact to Bradley and Ashley Rucker, 1.008 acres in Garrard County, $146,000.

Alexandre V. and Christina G. Boikov to Ronald O. Ballard and Jennifer L. Goggin, property on Carry Nation Road, $173,400.

Jeffrey and Jana Rich to Barry K. Rich, two tracts in Garrard County, gift; value, $50,000.

Marc-Antoine Likoy-Cheong, Jr. and Sheridan France Likoy to New Homes by Harpe, LLC, lot in Helton Estates Subdivision, $18,000.

Ashley N. and Danny D. Marshall, Jr. to Kevin L. and Susan B. Lowe, lot in Walnut Creek Subdivision, $208,000.

Doris J. King to Jimmy W. Shearer, property in Herring Heights Addition, gift; fair cash value, $55,000.

Steve and Ashley Himes to Kim Root, property on Old Danville Road, $3,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

James and Lori Hendrickson to Allen Hendrickson, six acres on KY Hwy 39, $68,000.

James A. and Vicki O. Singleton to Ezekiel Joe and Debra Lynn Smith, 11.863 acres on U.S. 127, lying five miles south of Danville, $60,000.

Dottie Jo Manning to James Logan Manning, tract 6 of the Pine Grove Estate Plat, containing 7.089 acres, property settlement.

Jack and Sheila Stull to Joda R. McGuffey and Melanie K. Wilson, 13.146 acres on Skyview Drive, situated off Gip Morgan Road, $300,000.

Carol and Rodney Duvall to Helen Ryan and Alex Ryan, 2.002 acres on Skyline Drive (KY Hwy 3249), $16,000.

Rex Allen Snow to Amy Jo Snow, property on KY Hwy 1194, property settlement, fair cash value of property conveyed is $12,000.

Amy Snow and Robert Snow to John and Barbara Witte, property on KY Hwy 1194, $15,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Ronald G. and Barbara A. Aller to David W. and Miranda L. Goodlett, 67.783 acres in Mercer County, $250,000.

Elijah Buell, Jr. to Adam Chumbley, 20.48 acres in Mercer County, $65,000.

Martha S. Bennett, by Linda McGlone, her attorney-in-fact to Jamie and Laura Wright, lot in North Shaker Heights Subdivision, $125,000.

Jennifer A. Neal to Matthew B. Mullins and Elizabeth A. Black, 5.16 acres in Mercer County, $211,000.

Peacock Properties, LLC to Gabriela P. Hernandez, five lots in College Manor Subdivision, $98,000.

Kentucky Housing Corporation, Michael Logue and Crystal Logue, by and through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner to Richard S. Reed and Stuart W. and Janice F. Martt, property on Grace Court, $116,500.

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc., Charles Simmons, Paula Simmons, Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center, Inc, CACH, LLC, Barclays Bank Delaware and Midland Funding, LLC, by and through Larry D. Catlett, master commissioner to SunTrust Mortgage, Inc., property on Unity Road, $124,030.

Stuart and Cathie Holt to Michael R. Ping, property on Perryville Street, $132,400.

Turn Key Properties of Harrodsburg, LLC to Richard C. Cravens, lot in Davistown Subdivision, $59,000.

Perry L. and Helene T. Freeman to PHF Properties, LLC, two tracts on Virginia Avenue, two tracts on Parson Court, one tract on Goodard Street, $1.00; fair cash values: Virginia Avenue, $250,000; Parson Court, $70,809; Goodard Street, $7,000.

Perry L. and Helene T. Freeman to Freeman Property Investments, LLC, tract on Parson Court, tract on Longview Street, tract on Beaumont Avenue, two tracts on Frank’s Court, tract on Marimom Avenue; tract on Stagg Street, $1.00; fair cash values: Parson Court, $30,000; Longview Street, $74,532; Beaumont Avenue, $32,000; Frank’s Court, $41,500; Marimom Avenue, $39,500; Stagg Street, $35,000.

Alan L. and Gwendolyn D. Wilson, by and through Alan Lee Wilson, her attorney-in-fact to James B. and Terry R. Gilbert, Joseph and Michelle Gilbert, and Robert and Jennifer Newby, five parcels in Mercer County, $938,000.

Lynn Durr to Charlotte Carter, 22 acres in Mercer County, $110,000.

Ashley J. Cornelius and Tobby C. and Elizabeth Cornelius to Michael F. and Jessica Ison, 13.025 acres in Mercer County, $32,500.

Farmers National Bank of Danville to Connie R. Peavler, three lots in Caddell Subdivision, $15,050.

Amy Stone to Miranda A. Kriha and Kenneth E. Duncan, tract on Lexington Road, $180,000.

Elias D. and Christa P. Thompson to Jacob Abner, property on Old Hwy. #35, $169,900.

Janice J. Boyd to S & LP Ventures, LLC, one unit of the Paradise Condominium Horizontal Property Regime, $135,000.

Ethel and Aaron Gray to Matthew S. and Stephanie L. Abrams, 5.22 acres on New Dixville Road, $57,627.

Thomas W. and Courtney Miller to Jorge Camacho, two tracts in Mercer County, $182,000.

Barbara and Bobby Deaton to Faye Yeager, .05 of an acre in Mercer County, $1.00; fair market value, $300.

Faye Yeager to Barbara Deaton, .04 of an acre in Mercer County, $1.00; fair market value, $300.

Johnstown Properties, LLC to Diane Ingerson, property on Poplar Street, $169,000.

Harriet M. Mullins to Matt and Carmen Frederick, two tracts in Herrington Woods Subdivision, $45.000.

Jeanette Adams to George C. and My Rogers, property in Green Acres Subdivision, $90,000.