Senior center does a lot of good

Published 11:11 am Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Dear Editor,

Not long ago I read in The Advocate-Messenger that our senior center known as A Gathering Place had been awarded federal grants. The executive director, Ben Guerrant, put in a bid for these grants and with local support the center will be able to continue all the activities plus will now take over the home delivered meals. 

The center means a lot to so many people offering activities such as card playing, line dancing, square dancing, etc. Seniors come to the center Monday through Friday and are given meals three days a week. There is a supervised adult care also. Many seniors depend on the center for rides to the doctor, dentist, grocery store, etc. The seniors are picked up and taken to the center where they take part in the activities offered and then driven home. I’m sure I haven’t mentioned all that is offered.

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Our senior center means a lot to many of us and there is a great group of employees working there who are helpful and friendly. The center has a great director in Ben Guerrant. We feel we are lucky to have such a place as A Gathering Place.

I also want to mention that there was a picture in the Advocate the same day showing children playing on part of an old yellowwood tree that had been cut down. It had been carved and decorated by Dennis Toadvine and Buck Graham. They are so talented.  

Norma Buchanan