Testing may make water cloudy for some Danville customers

Published 6:41 am Friday, June 29, 2018


News release

On Tuesday, Danville water plant staff were testing “high service flow” provided by the plant.  An unintended consequence of this testing is stressing of the city’s primary transmission water lines.

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As a result of the testing, a consumer may see water that is cloudy caused by these higher flows. If you as a customer perceive cloudy water, please contact plant staff who will dispatch staff to flush the system in your area.

Inside your home, you may also be advised to flush by turning on water in a bathtub, for example. Please make sure drains are open prior to turning on the water.

Water quality concerns are limited to appearance only at this time. Flushing until water is clear would be the recommended resolution.

If conditions arise that warrant a change in this recommendation, staff will immediately notify affected customers accordingly.  

If you have concerns, please contact the Danville water treatment plant at (859) 238-1241.