McConnell is wrong; the country is not fine

Published 6:33 am Saturday, July 7, 2018

“The Country is just fine.  So, fear not, your country is in great shape.”, according to Senator Mitch McConnell.

We don’t think so, Senator.

It’s awfully easy for an ideologue to think his leadership of the country is great, when he’s greeted with a standing ovation by a group attending by invitation only, and when he has ignored those not invited, after they have tried for months to get him to speak with them.

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McConnell is in fact the person who has done more to undermine American democracy through a strategy of obstructionism than anyone in the country in recent years. He stated that the Constitution’s checks and balances will prevent any group from taking over the country, which is basically a self-justification to excuse the current paralysis of Congress. It’s also easier to believe that when you occupy a powerful position that enables you to manipulate public policy and judicial appointments.

No senator, everything is not fine in this country.

Not when children seeking asylum from violence are separated from their families.

Not when the need for foster care for children is at an all-time high in our communities because of parents’ addiction.

Not when one of every four children go to school hungry.

Not when 35,000 Americans die from gunfire annually; two-thirds of which are by suicide, including many members of our military.

Not when our jails are filled with persons with addiction, or with mental illness, or who are simply poor and unable to make their money bail.

Not when only 20 percent of eligible voters actually vote, because they think it makes no difference which liar you vote for.

The country is not just fine, Senator.

Ann & Rollin Tarter