Property transfers, July 11

Published 6:43 am Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Barbara W. Brummett, trustee of Lloyd and Barbara W. Brummett Trust and Barbara Brummett to Donald A. and Rebecca B. DiLoreto, four parcels in Boyle County, $500,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee for HSI Asset Securitization Corporation Trust 2007-OPT1, Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2007-OPT1 to Rodney Rice, lot in Park Hills Subdivision, $57,610.

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James L. and Susan L. Grant to Lonnie W. Wilson and Sharon K. Stratton, 15.074 acres in Boyle County, $15,000.

James E. and Sandra B. King to Jeff E. and Beverly K. King, 15.403 acres in Boyle County, gift; fair market value, $68,000.

Judy L. Jaggers to Brandon T. Sebastian, property on Dogwood Drive, $190,000.

Donald Ellis to Candace L. McNeely, property on East Broadway Street, $79,000.

Dennis F. Hargitt to Michael D. Hargitt, two parcels on Valley Road, gift.

Daniel B. Elliott, executor of estate of Edna B. Miller to Jennifer Bowers and Barbara A. Findley, lot in Clearview Subdivision, $90,200.

Bobby D. Marcum to Greyson C. Marcum, property on Carter Road, gift; $35,000.

James A. and Joanne P. Pecci to Ernest M. Gipson, lot in Shelby Green Subdivision, $166,000.

Estate of Richard A. Schoebel to Carie and Josh Faulkner, lot in Indian Hills Subdivision, $85,000.

Dana and Gregory Coffman to Seth Trayner and Cortney Enlow, property in Boyle County, $180,000.

James F. and Amy D. Bugg to James and Julie Reyna, property in Boyle County, $316,800.

Dennis F. Hargitt to Shawna Lamar, lot of the Joseph Woods property, gift.

Theresa and Stephen D. Carroll to Melanie Clark Thornberry to Theresa and Stephen D. Carroll, 5.937 acres in Boyle County, gift; fair cash value, $300,000.

Charles and Raeanna Lay to Zachary T. Crain, property on Shakertown Road, $115,000.

Kevin and Megan H. Milby to Lindsey A. and Sami J. Sweis, property on East Main Street, $148,100.

Citizens Guaranty Bank to Rick Cole, property on Phillips Lane, $16,000.

Jim and Rita Douglas to Michaelena Kirkpatrick, lot in Huntington Creek Subdivision, $179,000.

Vernon W. and Sharon L. Bramel to Roger Lynn, lot in Bright’s Bend Subdivision, $132,000.

Betty E. and Ron Benedict to Mary M. and Frank Enriquez, 3.78 acres in Boyle County, $159,900.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Darrell Mondie, by and through Donald A. Thomas, master commissioner to JPMorgan Chase Bank, property on South US 127, $55,000.

Mark A. and Chastity C. Lee to Mikeal D. and Flonnie R. Brooks, parcel on Caney Fork Creek, $35,000.

Ronnie D. and Sally Davis, Terri L. and Barley Parsons, Angela and Gregory M. Nunn and Sherry L. and Danny McNeely to Floyd D. and Victoria J. Byrd, property on west side of View Point Drive, $160,000.

RMCS Holdings, Inc. to City of Liberty, parcel in the City of Liberty, $96,000.

Val and JoAnna Bridgman to Keith Williams and Sarah J. Klaser-Williams, 9.786 acres in Casey County, $82,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Gregory T. Grider, property on Combs Road, $32,000.

Benjamin and Sarah Yoder to Stephen J. and Tracy D. Coffman, parcel on south side of South Fork Creek Road, $175,000.

Herbert D. Bertram and Hazel E. Childers to Francis B. Faulkner and Carolyn S. Johnson, two tracts in Casey County, gift; fair cash value, $75,000.

Garry M. and Patricia A. Thomas to Gregory L. Withers, 14 acres in Casey County, $4,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Lancaster Church of the Nazarene, Inc. to Ronnie Nunemaker, three parcels in Garrard County, $100,000.

James & Co., LLC to Julia L. Hawkins, tract on Settlement Drive, $175,000.

Mike Asberry to Carl J. and Courtney A. Reed, lot in Deer Run Subdivision, $183,000.

Commonwealth of Kentucky, by William M. Landrum III, on behalf of Transportation Cabinet to George and Beverly Dean, parcel on US 27 and KY 1355, $5,840.

Johnson Builders, LLC, by Sam A. Johnson as member, and Matthew D. and Becky S. Williams to Matthew D. and Becky S. Williams, property on Palisades Pointe Drive, $1.00; fair cash value, $310,000.

Eric A. and Lisa Sieberkrob and Elizabeth and David L. Sieberkrob, Jr. to Barbara Mullins, tract on Hwy. 1355, $10,900.

William R. and Nancy C. Morrow to Tim P. and Melinda R. Morrow, two parcels in Garrard County, gift; fair cash value, $187,500.

Margaret M. and Robert Carter, Jr. to Merit Livestock & Trucking, Inc., and Hurricane Hills Farms and Stables, LLC, property in Garrard County, $287,100.

James E. Callahan to Wendell W. Glover and Michael R. Glover, two parcels in Garrard County, in consideration of the termination of life estate; fair cash value, $57,000.

Kevin and Miranda Roberts to Joshua Jones, lot in Cade’s Cove Subdivision, $1.00; fair cash value, $13,000.

MMT Development Company, LLC to Cory T. Wade, lot in River Run Estates, $220,000.

Owens Chevrolet, Inc., successor by merger to Dix River Stone, Inc. to The Allen Company, Inc., two tracts in Garrard County, $500,000.

Barry M. and Denise M. Kowalik to Richard M. and Mary C. Kent, lot in Woodlawn Estates, $163,000.

Deborah  K. and Steven Gabbard to Beulah F. Johnson, parcel on Berea Road, $176,000.

Martha B. Walter to Denise O. Cobb and Mark Horton, two lots in Delbar Estates Subdivision, $195,000.

Clifford L. and Leslie B. Jaggie, Jeanette M. and Harry A. Marsh and Julia A. Gartrell to Edward W. and Christy M. Shearin, two tracts on Hwy. 152, $164,000.

Lorraine Cottingham to John and Victoria Crance, property on Bryants Camp, $190,000.

Mark and Kathy Canupp to Brian E. and Angela M. Shurr, property in Colts Run Subdivision, $24,400.

Brian E. and Angela M. Shurr to Winifred L. Roddy, property on Filly Way, $167,500.

Kendra R. and James Goodpaster to Dustin and Leslie Sparrow, property on Cleo Ave., $199,000.

Walter T. and Gwen Mitchell to Yadira and Humberto Garcia, 20 acres on High Bridge Road, $188,150.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Carlos Ray and Jeanetta L. Kersey to Todd Joseph and Glenda Kay Grogan, two parcels of property in McKinney, $32,000.

Donald D. Crutcher to Michael J. and Laura A. Shirmer, 2.955 acres on KY Hwy 698, $125,000.

Robert A. and Jeanne Marie Muir to Danielle M. Mattingly and Dorothy Curtis, lot No. 6 of Walnut Grove Subdivision, Section 2, $192,000.

Harold Lee ad Robin Louise Harris to Bradley and Heather Petrey, lot No. 3 of Halls Gap Estates Subdivision, $128,000.

Geraldine Margaret Dunn, by and through her guardian, Jeffrey Scott Russell, to Robert E. Dunn, one-half interest in property in Lincoln County, $47,000.

Roger D. Maples to Brandon C. and Kelley K. Griffith, 3.60 acres on the Hustonville and McKinney Short Pike, $59,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Kenneth and Linda Proctor to Melinda G. Smith, property on Cornishville Turnpike, gift; fair cash value, $65,839.

Turn Key Properties of Harrodsburg, LLC to Bruce and Carla Devine, two lots in Fairview Addition Subdivision, $43,000.

Allan and Laura Oakland to Met Land Company, LLC, 54.369 acres in Mercer County, $217,476.

CHL Enterprises, LLC to Robert Dollar, 1.169 acres on Hwy. 33, $90,500.

Robert and Beatrice L. Dollar to Robert Hall, LLC, 1.169 acres on Hwy. 33, $130,000.

Darrell Dickerson, by his attorney-in-fact, Barbara J. Isham to CHL Enterprises, LLC, two parcels in Graham Springs Addition, $125,000.

Jeffrey C. Lowe to Jason G. Gaddis and Christina M. Yates,1.75 acres on Curdsville Road, $100,000.

Bill Hatton and Sandra Cook to Casey A. and Jessica Neely, two tracts in Mercer County, $230,000.

Marshall and Theresa Hayden to Joshua B. Reed, two lots in Graham Springs Subdivision, $58,000.

Mary K. Mayo to William C. Edwards and Anna Sanders, 10 lots in Pleasant Hill Heights, $40,000.

Terri and Ralph Phillips III to Jessica Merrick, special trustee to Terri and Ralph Phillips III, lot in Blue Ridge Subdivision, gift; fair market value, $120,000.

Kenneth R. Helton, Sr. to Keith and Belinda Helton, tract on Cole Lane/Providence Road, $25,000.

Barbara and Bobby G. Deaton to Ethan C. Hall, property on Harvey Pike, $129,000.

Mark and Emma Bradshaw to Brian Bradshaw, property on Burgin-Shakertown Road, $1.00; fair market value, $85,957.

Cheri Wisniewski to Ronnie L. and Linda J. Sims, 0.36 acres in Mercer County, $800.

John Suba and Gregory T. Winburn, property on Greenwood Drive, $56,250.

Rowe Homes, Inc. to Melissa Carpenter, lot in Scenic Hill II, $10,000.

Melissa Carpenter to RM McGinnis, LLC, lot in Scenic Hill II, $10,000.

Mary K. Mayo to Wesley W. and Angela J. Sowder, tract on Cummins Ferry Road, $33,500.