Property Transfers

Published 5:55 pm Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Kevin B. and Jennifer A. Thompson to William Z. and Krystal Dishon, 3.240 acres of Westview Farms, $25,500.

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Freda and Thomas Shepherd to John Crutchfield, 6.05 acres in Boyle County, $8,500.

Kelly C. and Melissa D. Ison to Roman M. and Sheenah D. Yoder, property situated in Boyle, Lincoln and Casey County, $150,000.

Sue Kate R. and Joseph C. Berkshire to Ronald and Mary Ferrell, lot in Argyll Subdivision, $30,000.

Jeffrey P. Champagne and Sheryl A. Champagne to Zachary D. and Ann H. Lee, 17.705 acres in Boyle County, $335,000.

Estate of Saradele Foster, by and through Edward C. Lanter, substitute administrator to Jack Godbey, Alex Godbey and Katherine K. Botkins, property on Perryville and Mitchellsburg Turnpike, $1.00; gift.

Cathy A. and Steven K. Wright, to Kevin L. Nesbitt, trustee, to Steven K. and Cathy Ann M. Wright, lot in Streamland Subdivision, joint right of survivorship; fair market value, $155,000.

Anthony G. and Barbara M. Baker to Robert A. Asher, 2.051 acres in Boyle County, $179,900.

Pinkston Oil Co., Inc., Inc. to Prestige Worldwide NA, LLC, lot on north side of Hwy. 150 and Hwy. 52, $225,000.



Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Robert A. Wesley to Casey and Christina Davis, two parcels on Joe Henson Road, $97,500.

Jerry R. Rodgers to Timothy M. and Hannah J. Callinan, two parcels in Casey County, $45,000.

Nathan and Jamie Totman to Curtis and Debra K. Stacy, property on Button Knob Road, $127,000.

Aaron A. and Anna R. Beckendorf to Benjamin and Sarah Yoder, two parcels on Hwy. 837, $210,000.

Dorothy L. Davis to Tommye D. Allen, lot on northwest side of Taylor Street, $118,000.

Darwin D. Reece to Brent and Teresa Salyers, parcel on the northwest side of High Ridge Tower Road, $400.

Erin M. and Abdul A. Paz to Thomas F. and Ellinore M. Zurowski, parcel in Casey County, $189,900.

Robert W. and Janice M. Atwood to Abdul A. Paz Zapon and Erin M. Paz, parcel on southwest side of Woodrum Ridge Road, $145,000.

Celeste L. and Jerry B. Gross, Jr. to Jon P. and Kerry J. Lauth, 15.95 acres in Casey County, $29,500.

Celeste L. and Jerry B. Gross, Jr. to Jon P. and Kerry J. Lauth, 1.04 acres in Casey County, $5,000.

Celeste L. and Jerry B. Gross, Jr. to Jon P. and Kerry J. Laugh, 0.892 acres in the Jackie Rodgers Allen Farm Subdivision, $5,000.

Andrea M. and George W. Clauer, III to Maye Gillock, parcel on Henson Ridge Road, $35,000.



Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Pamela J. Stone-East to Joshua T. and Sabrina J. Fayne, two parcels in Garrard County, $200,000.

Clinton and Judy Wilson to Steven G. Mobley, property on Tuggle Road, $171,500.

Victor R. Dykes, by and through his attorney-in-fact, Lillian Dykes Stinnett to Shelby Katie-Nicole and Michael D. Evans, property on Deer Run Drive, $134,000.

Ronald D. and Marsheila M. Lamb to Travis and Courtney Mangold, property on Twin Lakes Road, $270,000.

Christopher and Lucille Abner to Kevin S. Abney, two tracts on Calico Road, $25,000.

Lori A. King and Homebridge Financial Services, Inc., by Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner to Homebridge Financial Services, Inc., property on Kirksville Road, $61,200.

Mike Asberry to BJ Arnold Rentals, LLC, 0.907 acre in Garrard County, $5,000.



Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Karen Caldwell, Mitzi Caldwell, Cindy Sears and Stephen A. and Cassie Caldwell to Brandon S. Sims, 0.833 acre off KY Hwy 328 and Jacobs Loop, $1; fair cash value, $1,000.

Russell Brown, by and through his attorney-in-fact, Lanny Hubbard, to Richard and Dottie K. Shelton, 2.17 acres off KY Hwy 501, $6,600.

Donald and Ollie King to Virginia Gail Owens, two tracts of land on Cedar Street, Crab Orchard, gift; fair cash value of property, $1,000.

Charles and Judy Jacobs to Joshua A. and Ashley Jacobs, 1.398 acres off KY Hwy 1781, gift; fair cash value, $35,000.

Russell Brown, by and through his attorney-in-fact, Lanny Hubbard, to Paul Calfee and Norman Calfee, two tracts of land on U.S. 27, $59,950.

Roger and Elizabeth Schnitzler to Billy and Libby Johnson, 4.42 acres on Cedar Ridge Road, $21,000.

Newman L. and Virginia Brown to Charles and Mona McElroy, 3.477 acres off McMullin Road, $4,172.40.

Robert Berge and Judith Balchan to Raymond Darrell and Cloia Collins, approximately 18.57 acres on Phil Church Road, $70,000.

Peggy S. Ellison and Tennie Ellison to Everett and Debby Rasnick, 0.47 acre on KY Hwy 1247, $28,000.

Farmers National Bank of Danville, Steven Price and County of Lincoln, by and through Edward G. May, Master Commissioner of the Lincoln Circuit Court, to Mary Angela Hay, lot in Meadow Brook Subdivision, $7,400.

Deloris Jean McMullin to Paul E. and Ruth Ann Hall, property on Singleton Road, $28,600.

William B. and Lesley B. Winburn to Carolyn Cooper, lot in Cold Springs Subdivision, $92,500.

Dexter and Gina Gover Mullins to James Bryan and Jennifer Gover, two tracts of land on the Knob Lick Turnpike, containing approximately 419.49 acres, resolution of Civil Action No. 17-CI-377 in Lincoln Circuit Court and clarification of title; fair cash value, $1,055,000.

Ethan Marcum Long and Michaela Kennedy to Melvin and Marsha Shannon, 0.50 acre on Milledgeville Road (KY Hwy 1194), $130,000.

Joshua T. and Carie D. Faulkner to Jennifer K. Paycheck, John C. Modlin and Eric J. Paycheck, lot in Hanging Fork Subdivision, $155,000.

Russell Brown, by and through his attorney-in-fact, Lanny Hubbard, to Bradley J. Hoover, three tracts of land in Lincoln County, $50,050.

Uneida Johnson to Jonah John Dominick, lot in Hanging Fork Subdivision, $150,000.



Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Donald K. and Sheryl L. Britton to Brian J. Pratt, lot in Brummett Subdivision, No. 2, $112,500.

Mark and Terria J. Wallace to Jared W. and Sarah C. Reinsmith, 76.83 acres in Mercer County, $268,200.

Kathy L. Warner to Daniel W. and Angela R. Adams, lot in Lakeview Point Subdivision, $129,000.

Shirley J. Slater, surviving trustee of The Slater Family Trust to Patrick and Michelle Shiflet, tract on Robinson Road, $45,000.

Wendi W. and Brian K. Allen to Michael C. Bottom, lot in Gardenview Subdivision, $82,500.

Timothy J. and Leeann Spivey to Lisa M. Rudzinski, 2.56 acres in Mercer County, $220,000.

Brandon and Danielle Stratton to James D. Eubanks, two lots in Cedar Heights Subdivision, $143,000.

Timothy M. and Melissa F. Ellis, Myron T. and April M. Ellis, and Coy M. and Pam M. Ellis to William B. and Rose Mary Land, LLC, 185.687 acres in Mercer County, $1,100,000.

William Patrick Cannada to Waylon M. and Heather R. Robertson, one acre on Hwy. 390, $120,000.