First responders were helpful after wreck

Published 6:03 am Thursday, July 26, 2018

Dear Editor,

On Thursday, July 19, a few minutes after 11 in the morning, I was involved in a car collision on Fourth Street in downtown Danville.

The response to the 911 call reporting the incident was amazing. Not only was the emergency team of firemen there in short minutes, but they were effortlessly efficient and prepared to handle the traffic and other problems caused by and to the vehicles and drivers.

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They were so obviously well prepared to handle the situation, I felt compelled to applaud their work in public. I was too addled to get their names, but want to thank them as a wonderful help in my shock and dismay.

The police officer arriving a short while later and whose name I do have, was equally efficient and considerate of my consternation. Thank you all who offered me help. 

Eileen G. McHugh