Appreciates flag disposal story

Published 6:24 am Saturday, July 28, 2018

Dear Editor,

My thanks to Bobbie Curd for the July 11 article titled “Flag disposal box to be located at Boyle Courthouse.” Flag etiquette, respect for our flag, and proper disposal of a flag that needs to be retired are issues near and dear to my heart. I also appreciated the quotes made by Scott Martin regarding the disrespect many NFL players have shown by taking a knee during our national anthem.  

I am originally from Maryland and grew up learning the history behind the writing of that anthem as Ft. McHenry was bombarded by heavy shelling. I would encourage anyone not familiar with that piece of history to check it out. Many lives have been lost defending our flag and keeping this country safe, not just during that fierce battle in 1814, but throughout the years that followed.

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Our military war fighters, our flag, and our anthem deserve to be honored and respected for the sacrifices they represent.  

Mary Hollis