Poor planning caused traffic problem

Published 6:21 am Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dear Editor,

Looks like the proposed median will stop drivers from turning left on to the bypass from Skywatch Drive. That should be good for drivers by-passing Kroger.   

For Kroger it could be bad due to the fact that potential customers might be diverted to other nearby businesses because of the median!  Will Kroger customers need to go right when leaving, and go around through Danville to get home? 

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I must say the absurdity of this proposed solution is indicative of the City of Danville! The whole mess there at the stretch of road between the Hustonville and the Lebanon roads has become an imbroglio of danger because of city planning. Danville city  planners have provided insufficiently for existing traffic. 

We saw this coming fiasco when the city allowed the many businesses into that area by zoning it as is. Lay the blame at the feet of the planners and the locals who prevented the north farmland area of Danville from being opened. Perhaps the new P&Z director would agree; if that could have been opened, and the city planners had not allowed so many businesses to build in the bypass area so rapidly, there wouldn’t be such a big morass, due to the driving behaviors of so many local drivers. 

Humans are creatures of habit. If there had been time for the local drivers to become conditioned to a few businesses at once the few businesses would have brought fewer customers thus relieving the burden of so much more traffic in a rural area that is becoming more like a big town.

Jeffrey L. King