Final ballots set for November

Published 6:21 am Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The last chance to file for the general election passed at 4 p.m. Tuesday. With the races all finalized for November, Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom said, “It’s going to be a big ballot!”

Filings for local races include:

• Junction City Mayor — Jim Douglas(incumbent), Dewayne Taylor and Denise Curtsinger

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  Junction City Council — Kenny Baldwin(incumbent), Vickie Bowling, Mary Hurst(incumbent), Sonya Kitchen(incumbent), Stephen Martin(incumbent), Bill McCowan(incumbent), Scott Terry and Connie Vernon

• Perryville Mayor — Brian Caldwell, Tim Simpson and Paul Webb

• Perryville City Council — Chad Blackwell, Trent Bottom, Julie Clay(incumbent), Conan Dallman, Adam Gray, Steve Bailey(incumbent), Kelly Gray, Samuel Irvin Jr., Carlos Miller, Amber Noakes and Susan Smith Parks

• Boyle County School Board District 2 — Ruth Ann Elliott(incumbent)

• Boyle County School Board District 3 — Jesse Johnson

• Boyle County School Board District 5 — Laura Guerrant (incumbent, appointed to fill an unexpired term)

• Danville School Board (vote for three) — Paul Smiley, Glenn Ball, Steve Becker(incumbent), Michael Strysick and Aaron Etherington

• Soil Conservation District — Rodney King, Bill Hundley, Danny Lay

Local races on the Nov. 6 ballot that had a primary election include:

• Boyle County Judge-Executive — Gary Chidester(Democrat), Howard Hunt III (Republican)

• Boyle County Attorney — Lynne Dean (incumbent, Democrat), Christopher Herron (Republican)

• County Clerk — Trille Bottom(incumbent, Democrat), George Coomer (Republican)

• Sheriff — Derek Robbins (incumbent, Democrat)

• Jailer — Brian Wofford (Democrat), LeeRoy Hardin (Republican)

• PVA — Lacresha “My” Gibson (Democrat), Brian Darnell (Republican)

• Coroner — Don Hamner (incumbent, Republican)

• Circuit Court Clerk — Cortney Shewmaker (incumbent, Democrat)

• Magistrate District 1 — Richard “Dickie” Mayes (incumbent, Democrat), Tom V. Ellis (Republican), Steve Divine (Independent)

• Magistrate District 2 — Donnie Coffman (incumbent, Democrat), Ronnie Short (Republican), Pete Kendrick (Independent)

• Magistrate District 3 — Phillip Sammons (incumbent, Democrat)

• Magistrate District 4 — Jack Hendricks (incumbent, Democrat), Jason Cullen (Republican), Joe Lamkin (Independent)

• Magistrate District 5 — Jamey Gay (Democrat), Stephen Cline (Republican)

• Magistrate District 6 — John Caywood (incumbent, Democrat)

• Danville Mayor — Mike Perros

• Danville City Commission (vote for four) — Denise Terry, James “J.H.” Atkins, Rick Serres, Ronald Devrick, Charles Singleton, Kevin Caudill

• Constable District 1 — Don “Buck” Sawyer (incumbent, Democrat), James Howard Cook (write-in)

• Constable District 2 — Dennis Curtsinger (Democrat), James Cook (write-in)

• Constable District 3 — James Murphy (incumbent, Democrat)

• Constable District 5 — Tim Dexter (incumbent, Republican)

• Constable District 6 — Timothy Wayne Gooch (Democrat)