Numerous negative effects of Trump

Published 6:49 am Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dear Editor,

About 90 percent of the 2018 federal tax cuts benefit people and corporations that are already ultra-rich (top 1 percent). I cannot fathom why any thinking person would have thought otherwise.

Under Trump, education and vocational training are not supported. Our immigration policies and practices are criminal. Drug and rehab programs are going begging. Big pharma still controls drug prices. The absence of a single-payer health insurance system is bankrupting and killing our citizens. The student loan program is a criminal activity. Tariff wars are only adding to all this pain. Russian intrusion into our elections is fine with Trump.

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The deficit is exploding. It is driving up inflation, which shrinks the value of wages, so the middle and low income are worse off by-the-day. Our infrastructure is falling apart. Trump is a racist and encourages white supremacists to violence. Racial insults are now commonplace.

We are the laughing stock of the world and our foreign policy is scaring world leaders to apoplexy. Trump likes and wants to emulate dictators. He acts more like Putin’s puppet than President of the USA. Scandal and lies are the currency of the GOP and Trump!

So, just what were you thinking when you cast your vote? Can you, think now, honestly say that Hillary Clinton would have been worse? Maybe someday, Trump “followers” will listen.  Will you listen, think objectively, and follow the facts?

Frankly, if you do not vote, or you vote for a third-party candidate who cannot possibly win, you are putting nails in the coffin of our democracy. Wait now, I respect your freedom of speech and your right to vote for whomever! All I ask is that you think about the possible and probable results of your actions.

Example: The pending confirmation of an ultra-conservative to the Supreme Court may affect our dearly won personal rights for generations. Between the deficit, trade policies and inflation, we are playing Herbert Hoover Russian Roulette, which lead to the Great Depression. Pun intended.

Think about climate change. If the scientists are right, which they are, we may have already gone beyond our ability to reverse it. Think about your children and grandchildren with no food. Think about our coastal regions disappearing into the sea, very possibly within 50 years. Are you willing to take that chance on the word of Donald Trump?

Jim Brown