Property transfers, August 23

Published 6:18 am Thursday, August 23, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

Helen L. Whatley, by and through Angela Johnson, her attorney-in-fact, to Best Homes, Inc., two lots on south side of Grant Street, $66,500.

Ed Cunningham to Samuel Stallworth and Tillie Stallworth, property on north side of Duncan Hill Road, $6,050.

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Estate of Brenda G. Boyd, by and through Christopher K. Herron, public administrator to Stith Funeral Home of Danville, Inc., parcel on Allen Lane, $18,000.

Dialysis Clinic, Inc. to Seeing Hearts Transition Home, Inc., five parcels in Boyle County, $20,000.

Best Homes, Inc. to Joseph M. and Kimberly A. Cox, property on Grubb’s Lane, $46,000.

PBK Bank, Shannon Heath McClain, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Bluth Development, LLC, by and through Brian Jones, property on Lausman Ave., $31,000.

Corey and Rebekah Huffman to Zachary and Tori Doan, property in Boyle County, $99,000.

Michael L. Kondik, executor of estate of Virginia H. Kondik to Robert F. Kondik, Michael L. Kondik and Richard Farris, lot in WhiteOak Place Subdivision, settlement of last will and testament; fair market value, $97,000.

Finance of America Reverse, LLC; Maggie B. Warren; unknown spouse of Maggie B. Warren; The United States of America, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center, Inc.; City of Junction City,  and all other parties of record in Boyle Circuit Court, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Finance of America Reverse, LLC, house and lot in the Caldwell Manor Subdivision, $$63,500.

Michael S. and Jose G. Pippin to Corey and Rebekah Hoffman, lot in White Oak Place Subdivision, $132,500.

Community Trust Bank; Lisa Disco; unknown spouse of Lisa Disco, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Community Trust Bank, Inc., property at corner of East Lexington Ave. and Cecil Street, $60,100.

JPMorgan Chase Bank; Shannon Heath McClain, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Jamie Baker, lot in Willow Springs Subdivision, $75,000.

Rosetta F. Ford to Kayelynn F. Pitman, property in Boyle County, $6,000.

Luther and Connie Galloway to Deborah Jorgensen, property on Simpson Lane, $15,000.

Robert E. and Mary A. Reeves to Dale R. and Lois Frondal, condominium unit in Premier Villages, the Villas at Ridgefield Farm, $232,500.

Susanna K. Sadler Revocable Trust, by Susanna K. Sadler, trustee and Linda and Robert Granacher to Mary D. and Yvette Young, lot in Wandering Hills Subdivision, $28,000.

Dorothy Green to Brenda D. Mitchell, property on East Walnut Street, $148,000.

Community Trust Bank, Inc.; Jerry Houck, Jr.; unknown spouse of Jerry Houck, Jr.; Adria Mahon and Hugh Mahon, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Scott and Melissa Johnson, building and lot on northwest corner of Harrodsburg Ave. and Second Street, $85,000.

Kenneth A. Harmon to Micki W. McDaniel, as trustee to Kenneth A. and Cynthia J. Harmon, three tracts on Perryville and Lebanon Turnpike Road, gift; fair market value, $90,000.

Springleaf Home Equity, Inc.; Doris R. Provence, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner, to OneMain Financial Services, Inc., two lots in Bright’s Bend Subdivision, $86,615.76.

Denzil and Betty Finley to Anthony C. and Laci S. Jordan, 0.438 acres in Boyle County, $22,000.

Henry Lutes and Peggy Powell to Shannon and Susan McCammon, two parcels in Boyle County, $400,000.

Jared Smith to Mary M. McIntyre, property on Madison Ave., $105,000.

Stanley K. and Beth S. Dunn to Ricky D. Cole, property on Alton Road, $48,000.

Jody D. and Krysta Lenington to Casey A. Maupin, property on West Ila Ave., $118,000.

Anthony and Melissa R. Hughes to Craig L. McCloud, trustee, to Anthony and Melissa R. Hughes, property on Whiteoak Road, right of survivorship; fair cash value, $80,000.

Janice and Anthony Bender, by and through Janice Bender, his attorney-in-fact, and Mary M. Jaye to Robbie L. and Kelly D. Brooks, lot in Scenic View Estates Subdivision, $137,000.

Robbie L. and Kelly D. Brooks to Steven and Andrea Masse, lot in Wandering Hills Subdivision, $149,900.

Kentucky Housing Corporation; Larry Thompson; Claressa Thompson; JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association S/I/I/T Bank One Kentucky; Brandy N. Brown (Carrier); Johnny Carrier; Wendy Snow; Ricky Snow; Laura L. Hall, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Kentucky Housing Corporation, lot in Phylben Village, $21,330.

Tim and Debra Douglas to Tanitha Wilson, lot of the Curtis Property Subdivision, $94,200.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

Eva G. and Ammon W. Weaver, Jr. to Steven K. Martin, Melita A. Jones, and Brian K. Martin, 20 acres in Casey County, satisfaction of contract; fair cash value, $85,000.

Clayton Stidham to Beatrice Lynn Cox, three parcels in the Ellisburg area, gift; fair cash value, $20,000.

Casey County Bank to Lettie C. Johnson, tract on east side of KY 1547, $12,000.

Paul M. and Peggy Reed to David T. McKinney, three parcels in Casey County, $73,000.

Lewis E. and Shirley B. Reed to David T. McKinney, 12 acres in Casey County, $67,000.

Vernon and Linda L. Clark, as trustees of the Vernon and Linda Clark Joint Living Trust Agreement to Vernon and Linda L. Clark, five tracts in Casey County, survivorship; fair cash value, tract 1, $102,000; tract 2, $155,000; tract 3, $80,172; tract 4, $3,500; and tract 5, $5,000.

Harold Baird to Brian K. and Natasha L. Smith, three parcels on east side of KY 1552, $31,000.

Carol B. Meece to Jeffrey D. and Alta M. Tucker, two tracts in Casey County, $199,900.

Carol J. Durham to Derrick R. Durham, parcel on East Yosemite Road, $5,000.

Duell Ray and Ruby J. Weddle to Kenneth C. Burton, tract on west side of KY 1649, $106,500.

Benjamin and Belinda G. Myers to Bradley B. Myers, five acres near Middleburg, $18,000.

Lilly R. and James Scott to Johnny L. Scott, two parcels on east side of KY 1547, $27,000.

Robert and Lisa McQueen to Thomas J. and Teresa A. Estes, two parcels on the north side of Yosemite-Kings Mountain Highway, $200,000.

Gary and Melissa Burke to Danny and Bernadine Burton, parcel to the east of Ewing Ridge Road, $9,000.

Brenda S. and Garnett J. Helm, and Patsy A. Lumpkins to Kenneth J. and Deborah J. Creighton, parcel on north side of Trammel Street, $21,000.

Ronnie H. and Yvette P. Oren to Paul R. and Donna A. Williams, parcel on east side of KY 1547, $229,900.

Adam T. and Kristen I. Wilson to Jared C. Sword, parcel on south side of KY 1649, $160,000.

Eva G. and Ammon W. Weaver, Jr. and Riley Sallee to Tony R. and Sandra G. Lawson, 75 acres in Casey County, $79,900.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Joe W. and Krystal Floyd to Kara and James S. Davidson, II, one acre in Garrard County, $30,000.

Sandy Hardy to Terry L. and Ashley M. Carpenter, property on Fork Church Road, $141,250.

Daryl Slate to Gloria Slate, lot in Helton Estates Subdivision, gift; value of property, $18,000.

Bernard and Bonnie Ray to Louis Ray, four lots on Sunset Drive, gift; value of property, $55,000.

Christopher Polley to Roy Haddix, property on Tanyard Branch Road, $10,000.

Ricky and Sandy Volk to John R. Fritz, Jr., trustee of the John R. Fritz Jr. Living Trust, 0.054 acres in Garrard County, $1.00.

John R. Fritz, Jr., trustee of the John R. Fritz, Jr., Living Trust to Ricky and Sandy Volk, 0.649 acres in Garrard County, $6,000.

Mary G. Dunn and Janet Dunn Overstreet and Daniel W. Overstreet, III, to Mary G. Dunn, property on Boones Creek Road, transfer; fair market value, $52,000.

Preston and Jennifer Debord to Michael Selser, two tracts in Garrard County, $50,000.

Lamberts Chapel United Methodist Church to MMT Development Company, LLC, lot in Nature’s Trace Subdivision, $14,000.

Danny Ayres and Sonja Helton, d/b/a A & H Developers to Roger Ayres Construction, Inc., lot in Camp Dick Acres Subdivision, $15,250.

Ron and Julie Kidd to Cheryl G. Nash, sole trustee, or her successors in trust under the Cheryl Nash Living Trust, lot in High Bridge Estates, $165,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

James Evan and Brittany Shuffett to Rodney and Melody Brown, 1.235 acres on Shellbrook Road, in Spring Valley Subdivision, $139,000.

William J. and Alicia Staton to New Hope Baptist Church of Moreland, Inc., property on the Milledgeville and Stanford Turnpike, near Moreland, $295,000.

Florence L Brown, by and through her power of attorney, Brenda Vance, to Johnie L. and Cheryl K. McLemore, 3.45 acres on KY Hwy 39, $26,700.

Casey M. and Heather N. Floyd to Justin T. and Amber N. Thomason, three acres on Woodland Drive, near Neals Creek community, $235,000.

Sammy L. and Crystal D. Brown to Fairview Baptist Church of Lincoln County, Inc., tract C of the Fairview Baptist Church/Brown plat, situated off U.S. 27, containing 0.06 acre, exchange of property; fair cash value, $150.

Rose M. Stephens to First Southern Funding, LLC, five acres off Cut-Off Street, Stanford, $100,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property on Ellison Pulaski Road, Eubank, $10.

Finance of America Structured Securities Acquisition Trust 2017-HB1, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, to Yocom Properties, LLC, lots 6-A and 7-A, Block A, Holtzclaw Subdivision, located on Fairlane Avenue, Hustonville, $58,000.

Louanne D. Bottom, n.k.a. Louanne Sanders, to Brandon Scott and Jessica Lee Rice, lot containing 0.272 acre, located on Turkeyfoot Lane, Stanford, $132,900.

Harold and Betty Ratcliff and Elmer Dale and Dorothy Ratcliff to George R. Jr. and Christy Ellison, seven tracts of land in Lincoln and Pulaski Counties, including frontage on the Eubank and Goochtown Road, $200,000, which includes $30,000 gift of equity.

Newland and Fredia Martin to Robert N. and Courtney Layne Martin, two tracts of land on the waters of Hanging Fork, containing approximately 60.455 acres, lying three miles from Moreland, gift; fair cash value, $51,408.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., Eva Bradley, Bobby J. Bradley, County of Lincoln, Bluegrass Tax Lien Bureau, LLC, and Mid-South Capital Partners LP, by and through Edward G. May, master commissioner of the Lincoln Circuit Court, to Clinton E. Owens, two tracts of land along right-of-way line of Old U.S. 127, Moreland, containing 5.34 acres, $45,000.

Patricia Gail and Jeffrey R. Phelps to Juanita Godby, westerly half largely of lots 9A and 10A, Holtzclaw Subdivision, located on Fairlane Avenue, $12,000.

Vivian L. Lawson to Camilla Carol McCarty, property off Church Street, McKinney, $29,500.

Dustin G. and Brooke Baker to Calvin Eugene Carlton, two lots in Forest Hills Subdivision, $100,000.

Jason and Whitney Adkins to Kenneth and Cheri Frederick, lot in Hunters Trace Subdivision, $155,000.

Larry G. Thompson and Claressa L. Thompson to Sarah Salyers, property on KY Hwy 643, lying ¼-mile south of Crab Orchard, $3,500.

Verlan and Reva Cress to Andy Cress, undivided 99 percent interest in five parcels of property in Lincoln County, including frontage on Trowbridge Lane, Eubank Road and KY Hwy 328, gift; fair cash value, $936,540.

Barry S. and Dana Cristi L. Holt to Virginia L. and Jeffrey D. Goodin, lot in Lazy Acres Subdivision, $138,500.

Louis H. and Ling Yi Walker to Troy Kent and Mira S. Daughtery, lot in Huston Pointe Development, $259,000.

Pam Durham to Kostadin Hristov and Elena Stoyanova Daskalova, lot in Sierra Subdivision, $162,000.

Regina A. McKee to Regina A. McKee and Joseph L. Julian, property on U.S. 127, gift; fair cash value, $50,000.

Timothy W. and Dianne Smith to Jeffrey T. and Kimberly N. Goff, 14.23 acres on KY Hwy 70, lying southwest of Eubank, $30,000.

Boyce and Bernice Smith to Boyce and Bernice Smith, property in Crab Orchard, survivorship deed; fair cash value, $15,000.

James and Marissa Bushnell to Steven Hosner, property on Manor Boulevard, Crab Orchard, $25,000.

James Thomas Napier to Carol Calcaterra, one acre on Ham Gap Road, lying two miles north of Kings Mountain, $2,500.

Elsa J. and B.J. Brown Jr. to Somerset Foundation, Inc., three parcels of property on the north side of U.S. 150 and Hawkins Branch and Rush Branch Road, charitable gift; fair cash value, $710,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

Wanda Satterly to Larry T. and Peggy J. Hatchel, two lots in Elizabeth Court Subdivision, $135,000.

Elaine and Willie C. Turpin, Jr. to Paula and Juan Galan, property on Marimon Ave., $26,000.

Justin L. and Tara W. Johnson to Jason D. and Julie M. Mullins, lot in Virginia Heights Subdivision, $142,000.

David D. Bricarello and Skye N. Bricarello to Kenneth D. and Melissa J. Hammons, 6.02 acres in Mercer County, $43,500.

Steve H. and Cheryl Smith to Ernest L. and Shannon L. Hopkins, lot in Scenic Hill II, $12,000.

Jacob D. and Lindsay J. Bryant to Andrew Stratton, two lots in Blue Grass Subdivision, $76,250.

Michael L. Gammon to Katherine J. and Jeremy G. Moses, property on Bates Street, $115,000.

Tim and Crystal Parson to Anna E. and James P. Wathen, Jr., tract in Mercer County, $84,400.

Beulah M. Cox to Lois M. Harmon, property on Cardinal Drive, $87,500.

Estate of Willie C. Turpin, Sr., (deceased) by Willie C. Turpin, Jr., executor to Willie C. Turpin, Jr., property on Marimon Ave., settlement of last will and testament; fair cash value, $150,740.

Vickie L. Brown to Frances Brown, property on South Danville Street, gift; fair cash value, $37,500.

Brian J. Collins to Michael A. Bafundo, two lots in Cherokee Heights Subdivision, $160,000.

William M. Dedman and John F. and Janet Reed to Kathryn P. and W. Milward Dedman, Jr., three parcels in Mercer County, $200,000.

Kimberly G. Stinnett to James H. Chandler, 5.21 acres in Mercer County, $240,000.

Norma J. Stine and Judith Diane Stine to Caleb L. Bottoms, special trustee, to Norma J. Stine and Judith D. Stine and Amanda A. Turner, lot on McClellan Drive, gift; fair market value, $59,089.

Keshia Wilcher to Josh Wilcher, 0.03 acres in Mercer County, settlement agreement.

Keshia Wilcher to Josh Wilcher, two acres in Mercer County, settlement agreement.

Hopewell Gospel Ministries, Inc. to APCO Irrevocable Trust, by and through Charles and Anna Ortego, as grantors of the trust, property on North First Street, Burgin, $85,000.