Smiley for Danville school board

Published 6:28 am Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Dear Editor,

I met Paul Smiley in 1988 when I became a teacher and assistant football coach at KSD. He inspired me in many ways, but above all, he taught me to put children in the forefront in every decision I made. He was a living example of this philosophy at KSD, in service to the City of Danville and as a member of the Danville Independent School Board. Now, Mr. Smiley has again sought the honor of serving on the Danville school board. I no longer vote in Danville. But I cannot imagine anyone more suited to make decisions for children of Danville than him.

Paul Smiley has vast experience for this position. His work as an educator started in 1973 in Washington, D.C., as a public school teacher. He served in roles as teacher, coach, athletic director, administrator and curriculum writer (with three curriculum publications) through his years. Much of his work in his later years as an educator focused on access to education and athletics for children. He trained coaches and teacher to be bus drivers so that children could go to sporting events and field trips. He trained educators for various roles including curriculum, sports and coaching safety, school leadership and much more. I went on many sports trips with Mr. Smiley. He always talked about doing more for kids. Now, he can look back at his career and know that kids were able to shine and were better off because of him.

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Paul Smiley is a fitting example of service to the community. Regardless of all his accomplishments, he has remained humble. He is a leader that has enough confidence to listen to others for guidance. Doing right for students of Danville is his only agenda.

At a time in his life where most people would think they had done enough, Mr. Smiley has decided once again to offer his leadership to the people of Danville. I can say without question that Paul Smiley has the capacity to bring calm and strong leadership to the board. He has the courage to change what needs to be changed and humility to enhance what is already being done well.

If I still lived in Danville, my choice would be simple. But I cannot, so I encourage those who can vote to vote for Paul Smiley for Danville Independent School Board.

Michael Brame