Vote for Tom Ellis

Published 10:08 pm Friday, September 7, 2018

Dear Editor,

My name is Lawrence Hogue. My family has lived in Boyle County for generations. At age 92 I have experienced many things in my lifetime, including the Depression, service overseas in World War II, life as a cattle and grain farmer, raising my family and most of all my Christian life.

I have seen the election of local, state and federal officials. Some have been outstanding, some not so good.

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Today, my letter is in support of a very fine man, Tom Ellis who is running for First District Magistrate in west Boyle County. A Gideon speaker in churches around the region, he is one of the most devout Christian men I have the pleasure to call a friend.

Mr. Ellis has years of experience with legislative and regulatory issues in Frankfort and Washington that qualify him for magistrate.

Western Boyle County is too often left out of costly decisions when it comes to taxes, thousands spent on consultants and much more. One prime example was our government spending $750,000 on the part in front of our courthouse.

We need a major change on fiscal court. On Nov. 6 help bring a strong new voice to county government. Vote for Tom Ellis, magistrate.

Lawrence Hogue