Property transfers, September 13

Published 6:20 am Thursday, September 13, 2018


Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

MTGLQ Investors, LP to 509 Smith Street, LLC, property on Smith Street, $26,000.

Herman C. and Sara A. Greene to James T. and Cynthia L. Underwood, 2.840 acres in Boyle County, $51,120.

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Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC; Bradley L. Dishon, by J. Thomas Hensley, master commissioner to Rick Cole, lot in Wildwood Subdivision, $53,500.

Michael W. and Karen D. Bodner to Matthew R. Walter, two lots in Shelby Heights Subdivision, gift; fair market value, $69,000.

Roxane Kephart to William David F. King and Morgan D. Hayes, 6.86 acres on Quary Road, $187,500.

Timothy M. and Bonnie F. Middleton to Marion N. and Brenda R. Bash, property on Kendall Drive, $20,000.

Robert L. Posan to Shawn E. and Jamie L. Long, 1.110 acres in Boyle County, $195,900.

Timothy W. and Pamela C. Humphries to Conley and Sue Bastin, property on Kendall Drive, $175,000.

Melanie K. Wilson to Gayle Voshell, two tracts in Boyle County, $131,500.

Daniel D. and Melinda Williams to Catherine S. Lynch, property on North Maple Street, $89,515.

Richard and Leslie V. Burchett to William B. and Gale L. Clarke, property in Boyle County, $170,000.

Mary S. Rodelius, by and through George August Rodelius, III and Sue Swan Rodelius Dickson, her attorneys-in-fact to Elizabeth T. and Robert J. Harpster, Jr., lot in Donnybrook Estate Subdivision, $200,000.

Carey S. Rochester, by his attorney-in-fact, Wendy C. Rochester and Wendy C. Rochester to Tabitha L. Evans, property on O’Hara Drive, $152,000.

Joshua A. and Bridget Hurst to Jeff and Penny Hurst, two tracts in Boyle County, gift; fair cash value, $60,000.

Jaret Voshell and Ashlee Parson to Stephen Morton, property on North Fifth Street, $1,200.

Estate of W. G. Smallwood, by Robert C. Smallwood, executor to Jarrett Long, two lots in Bright’s Bend Subdivision, $60,000.

Danville Terrace, Inc., to Robert F. and Brenda W. Hendrickson; Mark S. and Julie A. Dexter; and Tim B. and Ella M. Dexter, for consideration of holding title in proportionate interest; fair cash value, $760,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Casey County Clerk Casey Davis include:

John B. and Linda M. Thomas to Larry D. Holt, parcel on west side of Cundiff Road, gift; fair cash value, $8,000.

Karen A. Byrd to Michael J. and Audrey A. Marrapodi,1.62 acres in Casey County, $12,000.

Angelo Blackwood to Charles and Elizabeth A. Abraham, 2.67 acres in Casey County, $85,000.

L.J. Brown to Kayla N. Perera, 0.406 acres on north side of Hwy. 70 west, $85,000.

David and Rebecca Meade to William J. and Alicia Staton, two lots of the “William Carr Outlots” $170,000.

Amy M. and Jaciario Gomes to Watson Family Trust, 13.86 acres on Hwy. 837, $17,000.

Mary A. Keith, by and through Barbara Driver, attorney-in-fact to Alton A. and Rhonda L. Hardin, 2.478 acres in Casey County, $12,100.

Louise and John Hines to Iris Shuee, two parcels in the Carman Creek Community, gift; fair cash value, $4,500.

Iris Shuee to Shawn Parton, two parcels in the Carman Creek Community, $9,000.

Chasity J. and Eddie Crew and Tamera G. Bernard to Floyd L. Randolph, lot in Green River Estates Subdivision, $7,500.

Leroy S. Zimmerman, Sr. and Andrew S. and Rachel M. Zimmerman to Patrick L. and Lori A. Holland, parcel on northeast side of Hwy. 910, $95,600.

Louise B. Roy to Lucas T. Wilson, parcel on east side of KY 910, $2,000.

Kerry T. and Angela L. Carman to Diane Puglisi, two parcels in Casey County, $143,900.

William and Nikki Wethington to Timothy Q. Ogle, three parcels on Donovan Drive, $250,000.

Casey and Christina Davis to William C. and Leah N. Wethington, parcel on east side of KY 1640, $10,000.

James D. McDonald to Ronald and Sandra Vanarsdale, lot on west side of Whipp Avenue, $50,000.

J. C. Bernard to Steve B. Bernard, lot in Green River Estates Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $5,000.

Robert and Patricia McCann to Joseph B. and Jodie Wethington, parcel on east side of Ewing Ridge Road, $30,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Garrard County Clerk Kevin Montgomery include:

Frances Conley to Mary Cain, two parcels in Audubon Subdivision, $130,000.

MMT Development Company, LLC to MMT Development Company, LLC, two lots in Nature’s Trace Subdivision, combining of two tacts for tax and building purposes; fair cash value, $31,500.

Karen S. and Robert F. Foster, Sharon K. and Janson Hurt, and Lisa R. and Kevin Middleton to Garrard Properties, LLC, lot in Estates Subdivision, $64,000.

William W. and Tammy M. Bryant to William W. and Tammy M. Bryant, property on or near Herrington Lake, survivorship; fair cash value, $1,000.

William W. and Tammy M. Bryant to William W. and Tammy M. Bryant, lot on west side of Waterworks Road, survivorship; fair cash value, $1,000.

William W. and Tammy M. Bryant to William W. and Tammy M. Bryant, two tracts on Herrington Lake at site of the Old Danville Pumping Station, survivorship; fair cash value, $140,000.

MMT Development Company, LLC to Brent and Fallon Donovan, property on River Run Drive, $375,500.

Ronnie A. and Sharon Vanhook and Mary V. and Stephen Wade to Troy M. Brassell and Victoria Morey, two tracts on Lowell and Spoonville Pike, $95,000.

Vickie House to Minrey, Inc., property on the west side of Hwy. 27, $80,000.

James and Marissa Bushnell to Lancaster Baptist Church, Inc., by and through John R. Ball, its director, property on the west side of Richmond Street, $82,500.

Janet Vanwinkle, individually and as executrix of the estate of Bobby K. Ross and her husband, Jeffery L. Vanwinkle to Jimmy R. and Betty Wilson, tract on the Cartersville-Berea Pike, $56,000.

Judy and Paul Hopper to Chris Tolson and Katelyn Lane, lot in High Bridge Estates, $87,000.

Matthew K. and Natasha Parsons to Jimmy and Cathy Schrader, 0.811 acres in Garrard County, $80,000.

Donald R. McKinney to Kenneth W. and D’Ann D. Rhodus, lot in Hideaway Cove Estates Subdivision, $25,000.

Judy Cash to Andrew B. and Laura E. Snowden, lot in Meadowview Subdivision, $225,000.

Pattie and William R. Brown, II, by Tyler J. Brown, their attorney-in-fact and Tyler J. Brown to Madalynn R. Wolfe, two tracts in Herrington Haven Subdivision, $180,000.

Commonwealth of Kentucky, Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways, Star, Inc., a Kentucky Corporation; and unknown defendants, being such persons, if any, entitled to and/or claiming an interest in and/or title to the property sought to be condemned herein and/or any and all rights in and any award by virtue of the administrative dissolution of Star, Inc., a Kentucky Corporation and/or under or through and/or successors to said corporation or otherwise addresses unknown, by Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner, to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, for the use and benefit of the Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways,  property on KY 52, $5,000.

James H. and Carolyn Henderson to Billy W. and Vanessa May, lot in Eleven Hills Subdivision, $12,000.

Roger Ayres Construction, Inc., by Roger Ayres, its president to Steven C. Mayes, lot in Camp Dick Acres Subdivision, $15,000.

Jamesetta Preston to Rachael M. and Wayne A. Simpson, Jr., lot in Teater Brothers Subdivision, $135,000.

Corey Preston to David Bruner, 1.495 acres of the Garry League Division, $14,400.

Danny and Gaylen Settles to Jeremy D. Baker, property on Danville Street, $60,000.

James Worley, Leslie Worley, Ocean 18, LLC and Federal National Mortgage Association, by Johnny O. Bolton, master commissioner, to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot in Woodlawn Estates, $35,982.

Clay W. Dollins to Laura Dollins, tract of the Marvin Conn land division, gift; fair cash value, $15,000.

Jacob and Carolyn Gahn to Jacob A. Gahn and Carolyn J. Gahn, trustees, or their successors in interest, of the Gahn Revocable Living Trust, property on Hamilton Valley Road, Crab Orchard, transfer; fair cash value, $246,000


Deeds filed recently in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. Spoonamore IV include:

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, d.b.a. Christiana Trust, as trustee for Pretium Mortgage Trust, by and through Edward G. May, master commissioner to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, d.b.a. Christiana Trust, as trustee for Pretium Mortgage Trust, one acre on Neals Creek Road, lying 3-½ miles south of Stanford, $49,000.

Russell and Rebecca Banta to Phillip O. Jr. and Trisha Tillett, two acres on Moore’s Lane, $54,000.

Chappell Road Farm, Inc. to Homer Price, two parcels of property on Chappell Gap, dissolution of company; fair cash value, $92,000.

Chappell Road Farm, Inc. to Homer Price, 0.9998 acre on KY Hwy 643, dissolution of company; fair cash value, $12,000.

Donna Cheatham Snyder and Whitney Snyder to Brenda Cheatham Daniels, lot No. 10 and eastern half of lot No. 9 of Country Meadows Subdivision, gift; fair cash value, $89,900.

Terry and Janet Epling to Christopher Gail Hendrickson, lot in Turkeytown Estates, lying four miles south of Crab Orchard, $22,000.

Terry and Janet Epling to Christopher Gail Hendrickson, lot of Turkeytown Estates, lying four miles south of Crab Orchard, $5,000.

Terry and Janet Epling to Christopher Gail Hendrickson, lot of Turkeytown Estates, lying four miles south of Crab Orchard, $5,000.

Samuel O. and Lindsey Sims to Derek Morris, lot in Cold Springs Subdivision, $130,000.

Vernon C. and Sue Ann Bastin to Brandon David Choe Sergent, lot of Phase 1 of Huston Pointe Development, $220,000.

Kevin Garland and Andrea Michele Pettus to Anthony Allen and Karin Lynn Tucker, two tracts of land on Airport Road, $305,000.

Stefani Walls to David A. Bailey II, lot in Cornerstone Heights Subdivision, $142,500.

David Jr. and Kala M. Strong to Kendale Industries Inc., lot  in Sun Valley Place, $105,500.

Marvin Jr. and Tina Herring to Walker M. II and Rita H. Noe, approximately 29.53 acres on Old Ottenheim Pike, $35,436.

Scott D. and Jill G. Brown to Jonathan Ryan and Breanna Nicole Milburn, two tracts of land on U.S. 27 South, containing 1.036 acres, $132,500.

Mark H. and Jamie Suter to Mark H. and Jamie Suter, two parcels of property on Danville Avenue, survivorship deed; fair market value, $130,000.

Tony Blanton to Kevin P. and Katharine B. Scribner, property on Turkeytown Road, $6,000.

Stephen K. Austin to Randy L. and Karen A. Tackett, lot in the Esther Gilmore Estate Subdivision, containing 1.827 acres, located on KY Hwy 2141, $283,500.

Donna S. Graham to Lisha Rae Barrow, tract 2 of the Delbert Gaskin Property Second Amended Plat, located on Jefferies Lane, containing 0.728 acre, $32,000.

Harvey Simpson to Cecil Alcorn, approximately 0.557 acre on Boneyville Road, $500. (1977 deed).

Dorothy and Clarence Brown, Cordelia and Everhart Craig, Nettie and Booker Mason, Jannie Jackson, Joe and Irene Alcorn, Hoover and Margaret Alcorn and Preston and Lula May Alcorn to Cecil Alcorn, four acres off Blue Lick Road, $1. (1978 deed)

Robert L. and Eleanor M. Newby, Karen Ann and Terry Ray and Dale and Claudine Royalty to Owens Chevrolet Inc., 45.87 acres on the Hubble-Danville Pike, lying one mile southeast of Hedgeville, $150,000.

Beverly Gail Cheeks, individually and as administratrix of the Glen Kersey estate, and Mark Cheeks to Ronald and Janice Emery, 10.08 acres on KY Hwy 1770, $53,000.

Brenda Means to James and Kim Crowe, lot in J.S. Holtzclaw Subdivision, lying north of Hustonville, $60,000.

Janet C. Booth to James E. and Raegan Phillips, two tracts of land on Danville Avenue, $170,000.

Whitney and Tanner Doughty to Glen Bolton, approximately two acres on Rush Branch Pike, near Hubble, $120,000.


Deeds filed recently in the office of Mercer County Clerk Chris Horn include:

William L. Reeves, by and through Amanda Broccolo, individually and as administratrix for the Estate of William L. Reeves to Amanda Broccolo, lot on Warwick Pike, $1.00; fair cash value,$50,000.

Bradley and Rachel McMurtry to Denise and George Camic, tract in Rainey Estates, $10,000.

William B. and Gwen M. Wickliffe and Christine W. Spragens to James R. and Celia C. Parsons, 1.99 acre lot in Mercer County, $20,000.

Jamie L. Pevley and Clinton Wandle to Darrell Dickerson, by and through his attorney-in-fact, Barbara Jane Isham, lots in College Manor Subdivision, $92,000.

Freida Howard, executrix of the estate of Leola Combs to Rick and Timalyn Moberly, 2.021 acres on Ebenezer Church Road, $75,000.

Randy and Karen Tackett to David L. and Margie M. Bowley, 0.422 acres in Alexander Heights Subdivision, Phase 2, $196,000.

Yates-Woodard Buick-Chevrolet, Inc. to Lay Const., Inc., 1.028 acres in Mercer County, $1.00; fair cash value, $20,000.

Nathan M. and Emily M. Ellis, Coy M. and Pamela M. Ellis, Myron T. and April M. Ellis, Timothy M. and Melissa F. Ellis to Henry E. Allen Jr., and Lou Ann Allen, by and through Henry Allen, her attorney-in-fact and Christopher E. and Sara H. Allen, two parcels of the Harp and Eagle Farm, $880,000.

Lonnie E. Schooly and Lonnie D. Schooly, by and through his attorney-in-fact, Lonnie E. Schooley to Donna L. and Raymond R, Neiser, property on Carmichael Road, $45,000.

Genice Walker to David P. Nutgrass, attorney at law, trustee to Genice Walker and Stephen W. Tolson, two parcels in Mercer County, trustee agreement; fair cash value, $194,976.

Jo Lynn and David Pike to Joseph M. and Rebecca Gabhart, lot in Oakland Estates Subdivision, $125,000.

James D. and Jenny Hawthorne to Robert T. and Robbin M. Coane, 6.581 acres in Mercer County, $20,000.

Jerri L. Weitzel and Michael D. Kennedy to John S. and Donna Jo Eckler, property on East Lexington Street, $154,000.

Mary C. Cole to WRH Investments, LLC and James & Co, LLC, property on North Main Street, $67,100.

Christopher Whitt, individually and as executor for the estate of Johnny H. Whitt to Shelby J. Lanham, lot in West Mooreland Subdivision, $61,180.18.

Jeffrey L. and Margaret P. Thompson to Michael J. and Katherine N. Scheser, unit of the Paradise Condominium Horizontal Property Regime, $115,000.

Caldwell Tanks, Inc. to The City of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, 2.837 acre parcel in the Cherry Tree Plaza Subdivision, $675,000.

John M. and Sherry R. Johnson to Jed A. Jackson, property on the Salvisa and Kirkwood Turnpike, $132,500.

William E. and Cori M. Yeager to Albert and Marcie Mitchell, tract in Mercer County, $100,000.

Matthew and Torey Arnett to Juanya Johnson and Kayla Johnson, lot in Painted Hills Subdivision No. 2, $85,000.

Bertha G. Marner to Glenn and Lisa Miller, property on Central Pike, $66,000.

Jared S. Baker and Baker Farms, Inc. to Willie and Annette Cheek, 3.729 acres of the Jared S. Baker & Baker Farms, LLC Farm, $25,000.

Estate of Laura S. Wright, by and through executrix, Sharon Kay Van Hoose to Kevin L. Lowe, two tracts in Mercer County, gift; fair cash value, $32,500.

Shelia Goode to William Mayes, property on Walnut Street, $80,000.

Carolyn G. Cole to Jeffery L. and Paula B. Walls, lot in Herrington Woods Subdivision, $40,000.

Freeman Commercial Real Estate Partnership, LTD to William and Lauren Whitenack, lot in Rolling Hills Subdivision, $21,500.