Ellis for magistrate

Published 6:46 am Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dear Editor,

If you are happy that your property taxes didn’t go up by 4 percent, you can thank Tom Ellis for organizing a town meeting, drafting a petition, going door to door, contacting local press, stating our case on a local TV station, and for speaking on our behalf at the public meeting on Aug. 30, 2018.

If you are happy that the Mitchellsburg Convenience Center remains open to receive your household garbage despite efforts to shut it down with the eventual goal of mandatory curbside rural pickup, you can thank Tom Ellis for his leadership role in defeating it by attending a town meeting, helping with a petition to keep it open, writing letters to the editor, attending fiscal court meetings and speaking with government leaders.

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If you are happy that somebody is keeping tabs and doing research on a potentially dangerous gas pipeline that runs through our county, writing letters to government officials in Frankfort and attending meetings, you can thank Tom Ellis.

If you would be happy to have someone find out how why we don’t have decent cell phone service in many of our rural locations, vote Tom Ellis, who pledges to look into the matter.

If you want a Magistrate for District 1 in western Boyle County who is proactive, accessible and in-tune with the needs of the District, vote Tom Ellis on Nov. 6.

Deb Arnold