Ellis for magistrate, District 1

Published 6:00 am Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dear Editor,

Not only am I voting for Tom Ellis, Magistrate District 1, on Nov. 6, I am also campaigning for him. I have been impressed by his work ethic, leadership style, professionalism and empathy for the people of Boyle County. 

As I have knocked on doors, the residents of our district made me aware that they are concerned on how our fiscal court is spending our hard earned tax dollars and they wanted an ear to listen. Our rural population has been a forgotten people when it comes to receiving our share of the pie … we are just viewed as potential income to feed the ravenous beasts of county government, which are never satisfied.

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All the while, we are tightening our belts, deciding between buying our medicines, paying for school shoes, keeping the utilities on or paying for the ever increasing taxes and government waste. And the “powers that be” don’t seem to care — they don’t see us as people, just dollar signs.

Our residents are faced with astronomical water and sewer bills, the school board constantly has its hand out for more and more money to pay for a $34 million school featuring a 500-seat theater with orchestra pit, and the electric company wants to charge more per kilowatt.

We the people are struggling to make ends meet, and since government doesn’t generate income, they must pry it out of the people. Well, the people have had enough. It is time for a change in the good ol’ boy network at the courthouse. It is time to bring in new blood, new ideas and, most importantly, elected leaders who travel the roads, searching the needs of the community, communicating with their constituents and taking their economic struggles into consideration.

For that reason, I hope you will join me in voting for Tom Ellis for magistrate of District 1, as well as Howard Hunt for judge-executive, George Coomer for county clerk and Chris Herron for county attorney on Nov. 6.

Diane Singleton