Guthrie’s comments on pipeline ‘utter bunk’

Published 6:30 am Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the Advocate’s interview with Congressman Brett Guthrie.  Guthrie stated “They (Kinder-Morgan) haven’t proposed what they’re going to do through a legislative process.”

That is utter bunk! We know exactly what they are planning to do! Pump 16 million gallons per day of toxic, explosive poisonous chemicals (NGLs) through a 75-year-old pipeline running across Herrington Lake and next to an elementary school (Hogsett Elementary).

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And the “legislative process” is over! FERC greenlighted the project. And if Guthrie doesn’t know everything he needs to know about the pipeline, it isn’t because of trying, because many of us have been attempting to educate him for three years!

The same comments apply to the leaking ash containment ponds at the E.W. Brown Power Plant.

“I just need to know more about it … I need to study that more.” We have tried to inform him of the dangers of the leakage of arsenic, mercury, selenium and other toxins into the lake! Three of us even made a special trip down to his office in Bowling Green to deliver petitions and information about both projects to him personally. Of course we had to give this material to his staff but we were assured that he would look at them; obviously he did not.

The congressman is a Republican who is on the side of industry and the vested interests and he only puts up a pretense of listening to his constituents.

And regarding the success of the big tax cut he brags about, does he realize that while corporations got a 40-percent tax cut and the top 10-percent got double-digit cuts, the vast majority of us got, at most, a few dollars in our paychecks? And our cuts are temporary and expire in a few years, while the cuts for corporations and the rich are permanent.

The Republicans said that the tax cuts would be “revenue neutral” and that they would pay for themselves. That was a lie and we now know that these tax cuts blew a huge $1.5 trillion hole in the budget, with the result being that the Republicans now say they will have to cut Social Security and Medicare to make up for the revenue shortfall that their tax cuts created.

On Nov. 6, vote for Hank Linderman to replace this prevaricating Republican drone.

Jim Porter